How much is Mexico visa fee in Nigeria?

How much is Mexico visa fee? Visa fees for the application for Mexico Tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria costs 53 dollars.

How much is Mexico visa fee in Nigeria currency?

Pay visa fee equivalent to $ 40.00. You need to convert it in local currency. This fee is non-refundable. Applicant pays directly into the bank account of the Embassy.

How can I get Mexico visa from Nigeria?

Mexican tourist visa

  1. Embassy of Mexico in Nigeria.
  2. Present personally the visa application form (attached) dully completed and signed, since your biometric information (picture and fingerprints) is required. …
  3. Present a valid passport, with at least 6 months left before its expiry date.

How much is Mexico visa fee?

What are the Mexico visa Fees? A visa for Mexico cost 40 USD when submitted to the embassy of Mexico. However, If you just require the Forma Migratoria Múltiple, it can be obtained for USD 20.00 when selecting standard processing.

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Do I need visa to Mexico from Nigeria?

As a Nigerian citizen, you cannot travel to Mexico without getting a visa regardless of your purpose there. You have to apply for one at the nearest Mexican embassy.

How much is a plane ticket from Nigeria to Mexico?

The average price for one way flights from Lagos to Mexico City is $1211. The average price for round trip flights from Lagos to Mexico City is $1713.

Can I apply for Mexico visa online?

Travelers can apply for a Mexico Tourist Card online through a simple application.

How many hours is from Nigeria to Mexico?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Nigeria and Mexico is 11,726 km= 7,286 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Nigeria to Mexico, It takes 13.01 hours to arrive.

Is Mexico Visa easy to get?

Mexico tourist visa requirements are clear and easy to understand. … Mexico visa application is fairly simple. It costs $44 USD and takes about two business days for processing. Mexico tourist visa is valid for 180-days, multiple-entry.

Does Mexico have embassy in Nigeria?

Welcome. Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Mexico in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. … The Embassy of Mexico is in Number 2409, Deng Xiaoping Street, Asokoro District, in the Nigerian Capital, Abuja and it is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

What happens if I stay in Mexico more than 6 months?

Once you’ve been in the country for six months, you need to leave and re-immigrate if you want to stay longer. The tourist card cannot be renewed without leaving the country. If you want to stay longer than six months, then you should apply for the non-immigrant or immigrant visa.

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How many times can I enter Mexico?

What is it? Mexico’s visitor visa allows entry into the country for leisure or business visits not exceeding 180 days. How long is it valid? The visitor visa is valid for a maximum of 180 days from the date you enter Mexico.

What documents do you need to fly to Mexico?

The government of Mexico requires current proof of citizenship, a photo ID, and a valid passport for entry into Mexico. or you might be denied entry into Mexico, even for shorter visits! You will need an FMT (Mexican Visitor’s Permit), which is valid for up to 6 months.

Is Mexico a rich country?

Mexico has the 11th to 13th richest economy in the world and ranks 4th with most number of poor among richest economies. Mexico is the 10th to 13th country with the most number of poor in the world. … Mexico ranks 56th among most developed of the world’s nations.

Which countries are visa-free for Nigerian passport?

List of Nigerian passport visa-free entry destinations:

  • Barbados.
  • Benin.
  • Burkina Faso.
  • Cameroon.
  • Cape Verde.
  • Chad.
  • Cook Islands.
  • Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Is Mexico visa-free?

The visa policy of Mexico contains a list of visa-free countries. Their citizens can travel to Mexico without a visa as long as their trip is for business or tourism purposes, and their stay does not exceed 180 days. … However, the citizens of these states still need to obtain a Mexico tourist card.

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