How do I register a foreign birth in South Africa?

How long does a foreign birth registration take in South Africa?

This application is free of charge and on receipt thereof it will be referred to the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa for processing. This process can take up to 12 – 16 weeks, after which an application for SA passport may be submitted.

Can a child born in South Africa to foreign parents?

Up to October 2014 foreign children born in South Africa to permanent residents did automatically get citizenship. This means these foreign children born prior to October 2014 are recognised as citizens provided: The birth was registered, and. The child has a birth certificate with an ID number on it.

How long does foreign birth registration take?

Applications for Foreign Birth Registration can take up to 12–18 months to process from the date of receipt of a complete application with all the required supporting documentation.

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How do I register my baby at home affairs?

Apply at designated offices with the following requirements:

  1. DHA 24/LRB (notice of birth)
  2. Children born at a health facilities: DHA 24/PB (Proof of birth) / Children born at home: DHA 24PBA (Proof of Birth Affidavit)
  3. DHA 288/A (Affidavit giving reasons for LRB)
  4. DHA 288.

Does Home Affairs open during lockdown?

Home Affairs offices will continue opening Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 15:30. We are extending our operating hours to 19:00 to accommodate people who need to register deaths and births up to 15 February 2021. … Nobody will be allowed to enter any Home Affairs office without a mask.

How do you get a South African ID if you are a foreigner?

Complete Forms DHA-175 and DHA-52. Complete application for identity document Form DHA-9. Submit two identity document photographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications. Submit proof that you live in South Africa permanently (municipal account, etc) and copy thereof.

Is a child born in South Africa automatically a citizen?

You automatically qualify for South African citizenship if: you are born in South Africa and at least one of your parents is a South African citizen or a SA permanent residency permit holder. if you are adopted by a South African citizen.

Can I get citizenship through my child in South Africa?

A child born outside South Africa and of which at least one of the parents was a South African citizen at the time of the child’s birth has a claim to South African citizenship by descent. The child’s birth must, however, be registered in South Africa for the child to acquire South African citizenship.

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Can my child get South African citizenship?

If the child entered in immigration exemption or clearance then later on as a dependent of the permanent visa holder (the parent), then they can later naturalize after a five years residence or after they turn 18, whichever comes first.

How much does it cost to get Irish citizenship?

The good news is the cost of getting on the FBR is relatively cheap: if you’re applying for a minor then the cost (including postage) is $180 and for an adult, it’s $325. And even better news: once you are registered with the FBR you can pass Irish citizenship on to any future children you have.

Is Ireland processing citizenship applications?

Despite the introduction of the online processing system to deal with a backlog in applications, the number of people waiting for their citizenship to be processed remains very high. Some 24,000 are currently waiting for the process to be completed, up from 23,187 in October 2020.

How long Irish Foreign Births Register?

At present, due to the complex nature of the Foreign Birth Registration it takes between 12 to 18 months to process a completed Foreign Birth Registration application. Your birth can be entered on the Foreign Births Register if you are eligible to become an Irish citizen.

What documents do I need to register a baby?

your passport, driving licence or birth certificate. your marriage certificate – if you’re married.

Details of the mother

  • the mother’s full name (and maiden name if married)
  • the mother’s date and place of birth.
  • the mother’s current occupation.
  • the mother’s address.
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What do I need to register my baby at home affairs in South Africa?

You’ll need to:

  1. complete Forms DHA-24, DHA-24/A x 2 and DHA-288 for the registration of birth,
  2. submit supporting documentation, as well as written reasons why the birth was not registered within 30days of birth, and.
  3. you must be a South African citizen or permanent residence permit holder, with a valid South African ID.


What do you need to apply for unabridged birth certificate?

The following is required:

  1. Proof of consent from both of the child’s parents or legal guardians;
  2. Copies of the Identity Documents or passports of the parents or legal guardians;
  3. Letter from the person receiving them, including copy of host’s ID/ passport.
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