Do you need a visa for Bali from South Africa?

Nope. South Africa and Indonesia recently rescinded the visa process to gain entry to either country. … Contrary to the information there, we can confirm that you do no need a visa to visit Bali or Indonesia itself.

How long can a South African stay in Bali without a visa?

Bali, Indonesia, is free to enter without a visa, you will only get a date stamp in your passport on your arrival day. Stay up to a maximum of 30 days but note that you will not be able to extend your stay with this free tourist visa.

Can you travel to Bali from South Africa?

There are no direct flights from South Africa to Bali, but Cheapflights can provide you with all the information you need to find the fastest route with the fewest stops.

Can I go to Bali without a visa?

Do Indians need a Visa for Bali-Indonesia? No, Indonesia is a Visa free country for Indians so Indian citizens travelling to Bali for less than 30 days do not require a Visa. If your travel duration is more than 30 days, then you need a Visa. You can select the type of Visa as per your Travel purpose.

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Is Bali Open for South African tourists?

Am I allowed to visit Bali now? Yes, if you are a resident of Indonesia. Bali has opened its borders only to domestic travellers and the statistics have shown encouraging figures in relation to Bali’s Covid-19 cases for the last two weeks.

How long can a South African stay in Bali?

How long can I stay in Bali for? You will be allowed to stay in the country for up to 30 days as a tourist. You can apply to extend your stay by a further 30 days when you touch down in Indonesia.

Can I live in Bali permanently?

Whether you can live in Bali long-term depends on your definition of ‘long term’. There are many visas available, such as the Free Visa, Visa on Arrival (VoA), or the Social, Tourist or Cultural Visa (particularly popular with fellow digital nomads) — but these only last between 30 and 180 days.

Is Bali expensive for South Africans?

Bali is a schlep for South Africans. Twenty-four hours of schlep and a six-hour jetlag. This translates into expensive flights (I paid R12 000 return on Singapore Airlines) and broken sleep for the first few nights.

How much money do you need for a week in Bali?

A vacation to Bali for one week usually costs around Rp6,455,479 for one person. So, a trip to Bali for two people costs around Rp12,910,957 for one week.

How do I get from South Africa to Bali?

The cheapest way to get from South Africa to Bali is to fly which costs R 6 500 – R 19 000 and takes 18h 20m. Which way is quickest from South Africa to Bali? The quickest way to get from South Africa to Bali is to fly which costs R 7 000 – R 19 000 and takes 14h 44m.

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What is illegal in Bali?

Bali’s drug laws are very strict and should not be trifled with. Indonesian Law No. 35/2009 lays down harsh penalties for drug users caught with Group 1 drugs like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. You can get life imprisonment for possession or the death penalty if you’ve been convicted of trafficking in drugs.

What should I avoid in Bali?

7 Things Not To Do In Bali

  • Don’t haggle for 30 minutes at the markets with no intention of buying. Firstly, you will be exhausted. …
  • Don’t spend all your time in Kuta. …
  • Don’t not see Kuta. …
  • Don’t look up when you are walking. …
  • Don’t leave your drinks unattended. …
  • Don’t just eat Western food. …
  • Don’t go for less than one week.


Is Bali expensive to visit?

Bali is already the most expensive tourist destination in Indonesia and is slowly becoming more expensive as tourists discover more of Bali, but cheap food and accommodation are still widely available if you don’t mind basic accommodations, stick to your budget, and bargain respectfully for prices.

Are tourist attractions open in South Africa?

South Africa is now welcoming all international visitors

Hotels were closed, attractions shuttered and most flights grounded. … To start with, only those from certain countries considered ‘low risk’ were allowed in, but as of November 11, travellers of all nationalities can now visit South Africa.

How Safe Is Bali?

Yes, Bali is safe for families and is a popular tourist destination for them because of its well-established tourist facilities and attractions for all ages. Taxis and private drivers are the safest ways to get around and they’re affordable.

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Can Indonesian travel to South Africa?

South African Visas For Indonesians

Indonesians looking to travel to South Africa for a temporary stay may apply for a South African visa. A visa application must be submitted prior to travelling to South Africa.

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