Can you travel from Egypt to Sudan?

Ideally, yes, but unfortunately, it turns out that the buses to Sudan only leave from Aswan, which is 300 kilometers north of Abu Simbel. In Aswan, you can book a bus ticket to Wadi Halfa. In 2018, prices have increased to 250EGP (14USD). You can also buy a direct bus to Khartoum, which costs Khartoum (500EGP, 28USD).

How do you get from Egypt to Sudan?

From Egypt

There are two ways: 1- By ferry, leaves Aswan in Egypt or Wadi Halfa in Sudan afternoon and arrive Wadi Halfa in Sudan or Aswan in Egypt the 2nd day around noon. It’s about 24 hours counting the time to go through the passport control.

Is Egypt Sudan border open?

The only open border is by taking the weekly ferry from Aswan in Egypt to Wadi Halfa in Sudan. There may appear to be on the map other border crossings but the land border is most definitely closed to tourists.

How many hours is it from Egypt to Sudan?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Egypt and Sudan is 1,546 km= 961 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Egypt to Sudan, It takes 1.72 hours to arrive.

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How do you get from Cairo to Khartoum?

Cairo to Khartoum by train & ferry

  1. On Saturday, take a train from Cairo to Aswan, see the Egypt page. …
  2. Spend Saturday night in Aswan.
  3. Every Sunday at around 12:00, a Nile steamer run by Nile Valley River Transport sails from Aswan High Dam (El Sadd el Ali) to Wadi Halfa in Sudan, arriving around lunchtime on Monday.


Who owns the halayeb triangle?

With the independence of Sudan in 1956, both Egypt and the Sudan claimed sovereignty over the area. The area has been considered to be a part of the Sudan’s Red Sea State, and was included in local elections until the late 1980s.

Are there roads between Egypt and Sudan?

Believe it or not, there is no direct road from Aswan to the border but, in Abu Simbel, you need to get on a ferry, with the bus included. … What you can actually do is to buy your Aswan-Wadi Halfa ticket in Aswan and tell the guy that you want to be picked up in Abu Simbel.

Is Egypt close to Sudan?

Egypt and Sudan’s border is 1,276 kilometers long, making it Egypt’s longest land boundary. The border is also the most populated of Egyptian border regions, with some 2.2 million residents in the three southern governorates of Aswan, New Valley, and Red Sea.

Did Sudan belong to Egypt?

In October 1954, the governments of Egypt and the UK signed a treaty that would grant Sudan independence on 1 January 1956. Sudan become an independent sovereign state, the Republic of the Sudan, 1 January 1956, bringing to an end its nearly 136-year union with Egypt and its 56-year occupation by the British.

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Is Sudan safe?

Reconsider travel to Sudan due to COVID-19, crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and armed conflict.

Is Khartoum part of Egypt?

Khartoum was founded in 1821 as part of Ottoman Egypt, north of the ancient city of Soba. While the United Kingdom exerted power over Egypt, it left administration of the Sudan to it until Mahdist forces took over Khartoum.


Khartoum الخرطوم
Time zone UTC+2 (CAT)

How far is Abu Simbel from Sudan border?

Abu Simbel is a village lying 280 km south of Aswan and only 40 km north of the Sudanese border.

How far is Aswan from Sudan?

Distance between Khartoum and Aswan is 950 kilometers (590 miles). Driving distance from Khartoum to Aswan is 1309 kilometers (813 miles).

Estimated Travel Time Between Khartoum and Aswan.

Average Speed Travel Time
75 mph (120 km/h) 10 hours 54 minutes

Is Khartoum safe?

Crime. The level of street crime in Khartoum and other major Sudanese cities, with the exception of Darfur, is low but increasing.

Why is South Sudan so dangerous?

Armed conflict is ongoing and includes fighting between various political and ethnic groups. Weapons are readily available to the population. In addition, cattle raids occur throughout the country and often lead to violence.

Can you drive from Cairo to Khartoum?

Yes, the driving distance between Cairo to Khartoum is 2044 km. It takes approximately 28h 24m to drive from Cairo to Khartoum.

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