Your question: Who makes laws in Cameroon?

The President of the Republic (Article 8(5)), the Prime Minister (Article 12(3), and a host of other government officials share this general power to issue rules and regulations. The second major instance of governmental intervention is provided for in Article 28 of the Constitution.

What is Cameroon law?

Cameroon is a bijural system with the English Common Law operating in the two Anglophone regions of North West and South West and the French Civil Law operating in the eight francophone regions of Adamaoua, Centre, East, Far North, Littoral, North, West and South.

Who is the Chief Justice of Cameroon?

Cameroon: Chief Justice Fonkwe Joseph Fongang – Experienced Judge At Judicial Bench. He was appointed by President Paul Biya on August 10, 2020 after chairing the Higher Judicial Council meeting.

Is there real justice in Cameroon?

In Cameroon we have both judges who dispense justice only at fixed seats in permanent courts and itinerant judges who move from one town to another dispensing justice. The courts structure in Cameroon is highly decentralised.

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Who is the head of government in Cameroon?

Поль Бийя

What is the marriage age in Cameroon?

Under Cameroon law, a girl must be 15 years old to marry and a boy must be 18. However, forced and arranged marriages of girls and boys below these ages is common in northern and rural areas of Cameroon, according to sources consulted by the Resource Information Center.

Which is the highest court in Cameroon?

The Supreme Court (French Cour Suprême) is the highest judicial body in Cameroon. As defined in Article V of the Constitution of Cameroon, the Supreme Court is above the courts of appeal and the tribunals.

Who presides over the Supreme Court in Cameroon?

The session that was presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Lord Chief Justice Daniel Mekobe Sone was state dignitaries including the Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute, members of government and heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Yaounde.

Who is the Minister of Justice in Cameroon 2020?

Laurent Esso
Prime Minister Ephraïm Inoni
Personal details
Born 10 August 1942 Douala (Cameroon)
Nationality Cameroonian

How many courts are in Cameroon?

The Judicial Bench: Appeals from the 10 courts of Appeal go to the Judicial Bench. These appeals are on civil, criminal, la- bour and customary law cases. Appeals in commercial matters from the courts of Appeal are heard by the Joint Court of Justice and Arbitration in Abidjan and not by the Supreme Court.

Which court has a special status in Cameroon?

The constitution of the Cameroon provides that the Supreme Court of Cameroon is the highest court existing in the country. In addition, the country has appeal courts, circuit courts and magistrates courts.

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What is the main function of the Ministry of Justice?

The Minister of Justice is responsible for matters connected with the administration of justice that fall within federal jurisdiction and fulfils this responsibility by developing policies, laws, and programs to strengthen the national framework.

Who is a magistrate in Cameroon?

Magistrates in Cameroon are referred to as judicial or legal officers, the former exercising their functions on the bench and the latter as prosecutors within the framework of the legal department.

What government does Cameroon have?

Cameroon is a republic dominated by a strong presidency. The country has a multiparty system of government, but the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has remained in power since it was created in 1985. It has unfettered control of all government branches.

What type of government does Cameroon has?


Is Cameroon a one party state?

Cameroon is a one party dominant state with the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement in power. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power.

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