Your question: Who is the first professor in Arabic in Nigeria?

First Nigerian Professor of Arabic language and Islamic studies ~ Prof M.O.A Abdul (Ijebu Ode, Ogun State).

Who is the first prof in Nigeria?

Chike Obi (April 17, 1921 – March 13, 2008) was a Nigerian politician, mathematician and professor. The African Mathematics Union suggests that he was the first Nigerian to hold a doctorate in mathematics.

Chike Obi
Children 4

Who is the first professor?

Socrates: The First Professor.

Who is the first Nigerian professor of English?

Wole Soyinka
Nationality Nigerian
Education Abeokuta Grammar School University of Leeds
Period 1957–present
Genre Drama novel poetry

Who is the first female professor in Nigeria?

Felicia Adetowun Omolara Ogunsheye (née Banjo; born 5 December 1926) is the first female professor in Nigeria. She was a professor of library and information science at the University of Ibadan.

Who is the youngest prof in Nigeria?

Youngest Professors in Nigeria

  • Professor Ayodele Awojobi. The first one is Ayodele Awojobi. He was popularly called “Dead Easy”, “The Akoka Giant”, and “Macbeth” and he became a professor at the age of 37. …
  • Professor Ahmad Doko. The second professor on our list is Ahmad Ibrahim Doko.
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Which tribe has the highest professor in Nigeria?

Unarguably one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria and even thought to be the most learned by some people. The Yorubas are indeed educated and you will agree with me that they deserve a position among the top 3. It had also been said that this ethnic group have the highest number of professors.

Who is best professor in Nigeria?

7 famous Nigerian professors and their achievements

  1. Adebayo Adedeji. Adedeji was a Nigerian economist. …
  2. Ayodele Awojobi. Awojobi was a Nigerian academic, author, inventor, social crusader and activist. …
  3. Ambrose Alli. …
  4. Dora Akunyili. …
  5. Babalola Borishade. …
  6. Wole Soyinka. …
  7. Niyi Osundare.


How many professors are in Nigeria?

1,000,000 market and customer data sets.

Number of full university professors in Nigeria as of 2017, by gender.

Characteristic Number of professors
Total 9,459
Male 7,824
Female 1,428

Who was the first professor of rhetoric?

In 1864, the Reverend Theodore Stanford Doolittle was appointed professor of Rhetoric, Logic, and Mental Philosophy to fill the curricular gap.

Who is the best professor?

Here are some of the most eminent professors whose contribution to this world is unparalleled.

  • Alexander Graham Bell. …
  • Neil Armstrong. …
  • Toni Morrison. …
  • Amartya Sen. …
  • Judith Butler. …
  • Barrack Obama. …
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. …
  • Jack Ma. With a net worth of more than $25 billion, Jack Ma is an inspiration for many.

Who is the richest professor in the world?

Henry Samueli – $1.7 Billion+

Henry Samueli is tops the list of world’s richest professor. He not only is known as a professor but is also famous to own a hockey team. His love for electronics motivated him to obtain a degree in Electrical engineering. He started his career as a Professor from UCLA.

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Who is the best mathematician in Nigeria?

Gabriel Oyibo: The Nigerian Mathematician who invented the theory of everything.

Who is the youngest governor to rule in Nigeria?

Chukwuebuka Anisiobi is the youngest governor to rule in Nigeria at the age of 16. He was the governor of Lagos state for one day after winning the spelling bee competition set by the then governor’s wife Oluremi Tinubu for students on the 6 June 2001.

Who is the first female speaker in Nigeria?

Patricia Olubunmi Foluke Etteh (born 17 August 1953) was the Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives from June until October 2007.

Patricia Etteh.

Patricia Olubunmi Foluke Etteh
Born 17 August 1953
Political party AD, then PDP
Spouse(s) Married
Children Two
Across the Sahara