Your question: Which districts are in central Uganda?

District Population (Census 1991) Population (Census 2002)
Gomba 119,550 133,264
Kalangala 16,371 34,766
Kalungu 152,028 160,684
Kampala 774,241 1,189,142

Which district is in the center of Uganda?

The geographic centre of Uganda is north of Lake Kyoga in Olyaka village, Olyaka parish in Namasale sub-county in Amolatar District, Northern Uganda.

How many districts are in Central Region?

Seventeen (17) administrative Metropolis/Municipalities/districts prevail. The largest is Assin North with a land area of 2,375 km2 and the smallest being Cape Coast/ Efutu. The details of the districts are as indicated below.

How many districts are in eastern part of Uganda?

These four regions are in turn divided into districts. There were 56 districts in 2002, which expanded into 111 districts plus one city (Kampala) by 2010.

Regions of Uganda.

Region Eastern
Population (Census 1991) 4,128,469
Population (Census 2002) 6,204,915
Population (Census 2014) 9,042,422
Area 39,478.8 km2 (15,242.8 sq mi)

Which districts are found in southern Uganda?

Below are the different districts in 4 different regions of Uganda; Central; Kalangala, Kampala, Kayunga, Kiboga, Luwero, Masaka, Mityana, Mpigi, Mubende, Mukono, Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Rakai, Sembabule, Wakiso.

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Which town is in the middle of Uganda?

Central Region, Uganda

Location of Kampala in Buganda region, Uganda
Coordinates: 00°19′N 032°35′ECoordinates: 00°19′N 032°35′E
Country Uganda
Region Buganda

When did Yumbe become a district?

Overview. Yumbe District was established in 2006 when Aringa County was split off Arua District and renamed Yumbe District. The people in the district are still suffering from the effects of the civil war, which lasted about twenty years (1980–2000).

Who is the richest man in Central Region?

Richest People in Central, GH

  • Jeff Bezos. $187 Billion. …
  • Bernard Arnault. $162 Billion. …
  • Elon Musk. $161 Billion. …
  • Bill Gates. $146 Billion. …
  • Mark Zuckerberg. $114 Billion. …
  • Warren Buffett. $110 Billion. …
  • Larry Page. $104 Billion. …
  • Sergey Brin. $99 Billion.

What is central region?

Central India is a loosely defined region of India. … Thus the Central Zonal Council set up by the Indian government includes both these states, plus Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand to the north, the last taking the region to the border with Tibet/China in the Himalayas.

Which region is the oldest in Ghana?

Ghana started with five regions on March 6, 1957: Ashanti, the Northern, Eastern, Western and the Volta regions. The first region to be created post-independence was the Brong Ahafo Region.

Which is the biggest districts in Uganda?

Uganda – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Kampala , Central Region 1,353,189
2 Gulu , Northern Region 146,858
3 Lira , Northern Region 119,323
4 Mbarara , Western Region 97,500

Which people come from eastern Uganda?

Eastern Lacustrine peoples include the Baganda (whose language is Luganda), the Basoga, the Bagisu, and many smaller societies in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. The Buganda make up the largest ethnic group in Uganda, though they represent only 16.7% of the population.

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How many districts are in Uganda currently?

As of July 2020, Uganda is divided into 135 districts and the capital city of Kampala, which are grouped into four administrative regions.

What is the poorest district in Uganda?

Wakiso has the largest GDP per capita in Uganda ($3,250), followed by Kampala ($2,655) and Mukono ($1,738). Kagadi ($56), Alebtong ($64), and Otuke ($66) are the three poorest districts based on this model.

How meny district is Uganda?

Uganda is divided into four administrative regions: Northern (yellow), Eastern (green), Central (red) and Western (blue). These region are further divided into 111 districts and one city (the capital city of Kampala). Most districts are named after their main commercial and administrative towns.

When did Kampala become a district?

Kampala was first started in 1891 when the king of Buganda had his executive centre on 2 hills in Kampala, they were Mengo hills and Rubaga and they are still part of the city. The town gradually grew and in 1950 it got a municipal position and in 1962 it legitimately became a city.

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