Your question: What is Shalaye in Yoruba?

Shalaye is a Yoruba (Southern-Nigeria tribe) word which means “to explain”. Simply put, this phrase means – Resist the urge to explain.

What does Shalaye mean in Yoruba?

In Yoruba language, Shalaye simply means “explain” But the word have been so popular on social media that many things it meant something extraordinary and yes it does mean something exciting.

What is the meaning of Tule in Nigeria?

Meaning of Tule

Tule is a Yoruba word which means leave me, release me or free me in pidgin English.

What is Tule in Yoruba?

Tule / Tuúlẹ̀ – Here’s The Meaning – Love Yoruba. Putting Yoruba Language and Culture on the Internet. ❤️

What’s the meaning of Shenkes?


Shenkes is a strong pidgin word meaning a ‘beautiful girl’.

What does Rara mean in Nigerian?

English Translation. tear. More meanings for rara. never adverb.

What is EJOR in Yoruba?

During sex, a typical yoruba girl screams ”ejor ma binu”. Meaning ”please i am sorry”

What is the meaning of tule in English?

1 : any of various large bulrushes especially : a tall sedge (Schoenoplectus acutus synonym Scirpus acutus) of North America that grows in dense stands along freshwater wetlands The roots and seeds of tule, a reed that grows along shorelines and in the shallows, were eaten and the reeds themselves were used to make …

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