Your question: What are the 18 regions of Chad?

What are the major regions of Chad?

Current regions

No. Region Departments
1 Batha Batha Est, Batha Ouest, Fitri
22 Chari-Baguirmi Baguirmi, Chari, Loug Chari
23 Hadjer-Lamis Dababa, Dagana , Haraze Al Biar
5 Wadi Fira Biltine, Dar Tama, Kobé

How many regions are in Chad?

Since 2003 the Republic of Chad is divided into 18 regions (Région) replacing the previous 14 prefectures; the regions are in alphabetic order (region capitals/ administrative centers in brackets):

Which countries share border with Chad?

Chad officially known as the Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in central Africa. It is bordered by Libya to the northwest, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west.

What province is N Djamena in?

A port on the Chari River, near the confluence with the Logone River, it directly faces the Cameroonian town of Kousséri, to which the city is connected by a bridge. It is also a special statute region, divided into 10 districts or arrondissements.


N’Djamena انجمينا Injamīnā Fort-Lamy
HDI (2017) 0.553 medium
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Is Chad an Arab country?

Only one country where Arabic is an official language remains outside of the League: Chad. … Arabic is one of its two official languages, some 12% of Chadians identifying as Arab and around 900,000 are Arabic-speaking.

What type of government is Chad?


Where is Lake Chad in Africa?

Lake Chad is located in the far west of Chad and the northeast of Nigeria. Parts of the lake also extend to Niger and Cameroon. It is fed mainly by the Chari River through the Lagone tributary, which used to provide 90 per cent of its water.

Which country is the closest to Africa?

Countries Closest to Africa

km country miles
570 Oman 354
637 Andorra 396
645 Iraq 401
737 Monaco 458

Which country is the closest to Nigeria?

Land. Nigeria is bordered to the north by Niger, to the east by Chad and Cameroon, to the south by the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by Benin. Nigeria is not only large in area—larger than the U.S. state of Texas—but also Africa’s most populous country.

Which country is very close to Ghana?

Where is Ghana located?

List of Countries Near Ghana.

Countries Close to Ghana
Togo 216.5 km / 134.5 miles
Ivory Coast 500.2 km / 310.8 miles
Liberia 942 km / 585.3 miles
Guinea 977.6 km / 607.4 miles

Is Chad landlocked?

Chad, landlocked state in north-central Africa. The country’s terrain is that of a shallow basin that rises gradually from the Lake Chad area in the west and is rimmed by mountains to the north, east, and south.

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How did Chad get its name?

The name Chad is derived from the Kanuri word “Sádǝ” meaning “large expanse of water”. The lake is the remnant of a former inland sea, paleolake Mega-Chad, which existed during the African humid period.

What is N Djamena known for?

N’Djamena is the economic capital of Chad, and is well known for its production and exportation of agriculture. There is always need for skilled laborers in N’Djamena, and many expats are found working in N’Djamena’s oil and gas sector. Read on to learn more about the economy, jobs, and taxes.

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