You asked: Why do people register companies in Mauritius?

The advantages of its incorporation in Mauritius are as follows; High degree of privacy protection (through the use of nominee Directors and shareholders). Mauritius company formation permits 100% foreign ownership meaning no local nominee is required. Only one Director and one Shareholder required.

How much does it cost to register a company in Mauritius?


Different Mauritius entity types Cost Draft invoice
Authorized company US$11,150 View invoice PDF
Branch US$10,485 View invoice PDF
Local LLC US$13,015 View invoice PDF
LLC with nominee director US$16,265 View invoice PDF

Why is registering a business important?

5 Benefits of a Registered Business

Helps you avoid legal problems with the government. Secures your reputation as a legitimate business. Builds trust among suppliers, customers, and employees. … Opens opportunities to do business transactions with large companies.

Can a foreigner start a business in Mauritius?

Starting your business

A company incorporated in Mauritius can be 100% owned by foreigners without minimum capital. However, an individual wishing to start a business as a self-employed will have to register only his business activity. For additional information, visit the website of the Financial Services Commission.

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What is an Authorised company in Mauritius?

AUTHORISED COMPANY. An Authorised Company is an entity where the majority of shares or voting rights or the legal or beneficial interest are held or controlled, as the case may be, by a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius.

How can I open a shop in Mauritius?

Steps to Launch Your Own Business in Mauritius

  1. Business Idea Generation. Businesses might have the investment needed to start a business, but what type of business should one start is a cryptic question. …
  2. Making a Business Plan. …
  3. Type of Business. …
  4. Choosing the Right Location. …
  5. Registering the Business. …
  6. Registration with SMEDA. …
  7. Obtaining Land Use Permit. …
  8. Financing the Project.


What is the best business to start in Mauritius?

Top 10 Profitable Businesses In Mauritius You Can Start With Little Capital

  • Fast food corner on the road: This is an old business tried and tested. …
  • Office supplies: …
  • Rice cultivation: …
  • Website design: …
  • Tutoring: …
  • Snail breeding: …
  • Poultry farming: …
  • Second-hand products:


Can I run a business without registering?

It is entirely legal to operate as a sole proprietorship without registering your company. Keep in mind, however, that doing so does not provide you with any form of legal protection if you experience debt or face legal action.

What Legal Structure Is Best for Your Business?

  • Sole Proprietorship. A type of business entity that is owned and run by one individual – there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. …
  • General Partnership. …
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) …
  • Corporations (C-Corp and S-Corp)
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What is registration and its importance?

The purpose of registration of a document is to give ‘notice to the world’ of a certain property document having been executed. Record keeping is another important function of registration offices and these records are permanent for all practical purposes.

What is a good salary in Mauritius?

The salary range for people working in Mauritius is typically from 12,732.00 MUR (minimum salary) to 59,096.00 MUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries vary drastically among different job categories.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Mauritius?

In line with new government measures introduced, the minimum investment required to acquire an occupation permit (OP) as an investor, and live in Mauritius as a non-citizen, has been halved to $50,000 (R867,000), from $100,000 (R1. 7 million).

Which jobs are in high demand in Mauritius?

Top jobs on the market

  • Web developer.
  • E-Reputation Specialist/ Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Talent Acquisition Management.
  • Food and Beverages Management.
  • Project management/ Complexe management / Facilitaty management.
  • SEM Specialist.
  • Community Manager.

What is a GBC company in Mauritius?

As defined under the Financial Services Act of Mauritius, a GBC is a company engaged in qualified global business and which is carried on from within Mauritius with persons all of whom are resident outside Mauritius and where business is conducted in a currency other than the Mauritian rupee.

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