You asked: Who has most followers on twitter in Uganda?

How many Ugandans are there on twitter?

Ugandans are quite popular on Twitter too. 10.8% of people have over 5000 followers.

Twitter Usage in Uganda.

Executive / Director IT Professional
11% 13%
Local Government Other
0% 5%

Who is the most followed person in Uganda?

Uganda Facebook page statistics

1 1 Kansiime Anne / Entertainer Uganda Total Fans Total Fans 2 650 784
2 2 Bobi Wine Uganda Total Fans 2 051 214
3 3 NBS Television Uganda Total Fans 1 655 542
4 4 NTV Uganda Uganda Total Fans 1 454 976
5 5 The New Vision Uganda Total Fans 1 380 412

Who is the most followed person on Instagram in Uganda?

Top Instagram Influencers

# @Username Followers
1 Eddy Kenzo @eddykenzo 1.1M
2 SHEEBAH KARUNGI S @sheebahricherthisyear 889.8K
3 @spice_diana 861.2K
4 JOSE CHAMELEONE @jchameleon 835.4K

Who is the most followed person on Twitter in East Africa?

Twitter statistics for Kenya

1 1 William Samoei Ruto, PhD (@WilliamsRuto) Followers Followers 3 885 729
4 4 NTV Kenya (@ntvkenya) Followers 2 922 031
5 5 Nation Africa (@NationAfrica) Followers 2 418 639
6 6 Larry Madowo (@LarryMadowo) Followers 2 120 073
7 7 Jeff Koinange, MBS (@KoinangeJeff) Followers 1 870 517
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How many Ugandans are on social media?

Social media statistics for Uganda

There were 3.40 million social media users in Uganda in January 2021. The number of social media users in Uganda increased by 900 thousand (+36%) between 2020 and 2021. The number of social media users in Uganda was equivalent to 7.3% of the total population in January 2021.

How many Ugandans are there on Facebook?

There were 2 379 000 Facebook users in Uganda in January 2019, which accounted for 4.8% of its entire population. The majority of them were men – 60.7%. People aged 18 to 24 were the largest user group (990 000).

Who is the most followed person on Twitter?

American politician and former U.S. President Barack Obama is the most-followed account holder on Twitter, with 130 million followers as of May 2021.

Who is the most followed person on Tiktok in Uganda?

This list contains Top 50 TikTok Influencers in Uganda 2021 on TikTok

Rank Influencer Followers
1 Vivian Gold Kaitetsi @goldviv 248.2K
2 Lynda Ddane @lyndaddane 158.5K
3 Aisha Kayf (Ak) @tiktok_aisha 148.7K
4 Salector Moha @salectormoha 139.6K

Who is the most followed musician in Uganda?

Bobi wine hits 1 million followers on Twitter, becomes most followed Ugandan artiste.

Who has the most subscribers on Youtube in Uganda?

YouTube statistics for Uganda

1 1 OKbaby Subscribers Subscribers 1 530 000
2 2 Vision Group Subscribers 379 000
3 3 Eddy Kenzo Subscribers 759 000
4 4 Kansiime Anne Subscribers 851 000
5 5 NTVUganda Subscribers 372 000

Who is the most followed African on Instagram?

Award-winning Nigerian musician David Adeleke, popularly known by his stage name Davido, has become the most followed artiste on Instagram after hitting 20 million followers. Davido broke the news to his fans and celebrated the event by dropping a new hit “CHO CHO” featuring Zlatan and MayorKun.

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Who has the highest followers on TikTok?

Most popular TikTok users worldwide 2021. Charli d’Amelio was the most-followed content creator on TikTok worldwide. The dancer and social media personality had nearly 115 million followers on the short-form video app. Addison Rae ranked second with nearly 80 million people following her on the platform.

Do celebrities see your tweets?

If your tweets are protected, no one except your approved followers can see your tweet, even if they have been mentioned. Follow your favorite celebrities on Twitter. It’s a good idea to find a celeb who usually tweets a lot — they are more likely to care about who tweets @ them.

Despite what people think, Twitter continues to maintain its status as a popular social media platform. Here is a detailed collection of the most up-to-date Twitter statistics for 2020. Twitter has been said to have reached its used by date, to be dying even – but there’s still life in this old bird.

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