You asked: What is Grasscutter called in Yoruba?

What is the Yoruba name for Grasscutter?

Greater Cane Rat, Thryonomys swinderianus, also known as Grasscutter, is one of the two species of Cane Rat, a large rodent genus distinguished by its stocky body, and a large, blunt head. Because of its size, this animal, called Oya in Yoruba, is valued for food and has become popular meat in western Africa.

What is the name of Grasscutter meat?

However, the peoples of the region also utilize the cane rat as a food source (as bushmeat), considering the meat a delicacy. Consequently, grasscutters (as they are often called in Ghana, Nigeria and other regions of West Africa) are beginning to be raised in cages for sale.

Is Grasscutter a rat?

The grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus), variously known as the marsh cane-rat, ground hog and in francophone West Africa, the aulacode or incorrectly, the agouti is a rodent but not a rat proper, since it belongs to the Hystricomorpha (porcupine family).

Is Grasscutter red or white meat?

In terms of health benefits of consuming grasscutter, it has been discovered that it produces white meat that is very similar in taste and texture to seafood depending on the age at which they are slaughtered. Beyond this, grasscutter is high in protein yet low in fat.

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What is Gorilla in Yoruba language?

Gorilla, Baboon -Inaki, Inoki, Iro. Chimpanzee – Elegbede. Phython-Constrictor -Ojola.

What is the Yoruba name for parrot?


English Yorùbá……………………………
Parrot Ode, Ayekooto
Pied Kingfisher
Pigeon Ẹyẹle
Scarlet-breast Sunbird Ẹiyẹ Arọni

What is the difference between Grasscutter and grasshopper?

As nouns the difference between grasshopper and grasscutter

is that grasshopper is a herbivorous insect of the order orthoptera noted for its ability to jump long distances while grasscutter is a native employed in india to bring grass for horses.

Why is bushmeat dangerous?

Bushmeat is considered a virus vector and a cause of countless diseases. … Whether bird flu, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, or COVID-19, many diseases are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted from animals to humans. Zoonotic diseases account for about 75% of emerging diseases currently affecting humans.

Is Grasscutter meat healthy?

Compared to other meats such as rabbit meat, grasscutter meat is very low in cholesterol and high in protein. It has a very high mineral (e.g. iron, calcium and phosphorous) content compared to beef, mutton, and chevon.

Is a cane rat a rat?

At more than 4.5 kg, Greater Cane Rats are the second largest rodents in Africa. They feed on roots, reeds and the stems of grasses along rivers and in other moist areas. … In Greater Cane Rat farms in Benin, however, they breed throughout the year and litters of > 14 are frequently observed (Asibey 1974a; A.

Do Ghanaians eat monkeys?

Fruit bats are as common as birds in Ghana. The straw-coloured creatures are a delicacy in parts of the country and an estimated 128,000 are eaten every year. … Health officials decided to tell people to avoid contact with animals that are thought to transmit Ebola: bats, monkeys and antelope.

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Do people in Ghana eat rats?

In Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria, where it’s more appealingly called grasscutter, people actually farm it. Rodents are enjoyed as food around the world. Brown rats, the second most successful mammals on the planet, are a delicacy in China, south-east Asia and certain communities of northern India.

What is Grasscutter in Twi?

NOUN. akranteɛ (plural: nkranteɛ) mede akranteɛ bɛyɛ nkwan anwummerɛ yi | I will use grasscutter to prepare soup this evening.

Is Grasscutter halal?

Apart from vegetarians, grasscutter is eaten by all peoples, customs and religions. Grasscutter isn’t forbidden by Islam (Haram) and Judaism. Even Christians who observe Sabbath (Adventists etc.)

What is the meaning of grass cutter?

1 : one that cuts grass: such as. a : grasscut. b : a machine or device for cutting grass (as a lawn mower or a scythe)

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