You asked: What are the top 10 richest state in Nigeria?

Which state is the richest in Nigeria 2020?

Richest States in Nigeria in 2020

  1. Lagos State ($33.68 Billion)
  2. Rivers State ($21.17 Billion)
  3. Delta state ($ 16.75 billion)
  4. Oyo state ($16.12 billion)
  5. Imo State ($14.21 billion)
  6. Kano state ($12.39 billion)
  7. Edo state ($11.89 billion)
  8. Akwa Ibom region ($11 billion)


Which state is the richest state in Nigeria 2021?

List of Top Ten Richest States in Nigeria

List of top ten richest states 2021
#1 Lagos State $29 billion
#2 Rivers State $19 billion
#3 Delta State $16 billion
#4 Oyo State $15 billion

Is Anambra the richest state in Nigeria?

Anambra state ($7.95 billion)

Anambra is the wealthiest state in the southeast region of Nigeria, Anambra state houses most of the richest Igbo people in the country. … 79 billion in 2016 making it the 5th richest state in the country in terms of IGR.

Which state has the highest revenue in Nigeria?

Lagos State recorded the highest Internally Generated Revenue of N418. 99 billion, accounting for 32.1% of the total and closely followed by Rivers State with N117. 19 billion.

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Which state is the finest in Nigeria?

10 Most Beautiful States in Nigeria (2021)

  • 10 Most Beautiful States in Nigeria. The beauty of most of these states lies in their capital city except in a few cases. …
  • Abuja, FCT. Abuja is unarguably the most beautiful city in the country. …
  • Lagos State. …
  • Enugu State. …
  • Rivers State. …
  • Kaduna State. …
  • Delta State. …
  • Cross River State.

What is the dirtiest state in Nigeria?

Lagos State

Lagos is declared the dirtiest state in Nigeria and it’s also Nigeria’s most extravagant and most developed state. The state actually slacks when it comes to general neatness and waste administration.

Which state is poor in Nigeria?

Sokoto State have been ranked as the poorest state in Nigeria with a high figure of 81.2% on the poverty level.

Which state is the most educated in Nigeria?

List by UNESCO (2012)

Rang State literacy rate (in %)
1 Lagos State 92.0
2 Osun State 80.0
3 Anambra State 75.1
4 Ekiti State 74.7

Which state has the most beautiful girls in Nigeria?

Where You’ll Find The Most Beautiful Women In Nigeria

  1. Imo State. The Eastern Heartland. …
  2. Lagos State. Lasgidi State of Mind! …
  3. Cross River State. This state is notable for its breathtaking tourist locations and beautiful natural scenery. …
  4. Enugu State. The Coal City State of Mind! …
  5. Delta State. …
  6. Rivers State. …
  7. Abuja (FCT) …
  8. Ogun State.


Who is the king of Igbo land?

Since 1477 till date, the List of Igbo monarchs gives a list of Igbo chieftains and kings from their earliest known history up to the current monarch. Chief Kenneth Onyeneke, Igwe Orizu III became King on 2 June 1963 on the death of his father, Chief Josiah Nnaji, Igwe Orizu II.

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Which state is rich in Nigeria?

Located in the South-West of Nigeria, Oyo state is also one of the richest states in Nigeria today. This state actually has a total population of over 6 million people and a GDP of about $16.12 Billion. Oyo state is one of the major producers of Cashew, cocoa, palm oil, cassava, rice, and a few other products.

Which tribe is the most beautiful in Nigeria?

The black hair and the beautiful smile, the above make the Igbo women the most beautiful in Nigeria and even in Africa. Their sexiness, boldness and sassiness makes them goddesses in their own right. If you are looking for the tribe with the most beautiful women, search no further because it Igbo women.

Which tribe is richest in Nigeria?

Though the richest people in Nigeria individually are Hausa and Yoruba. From my own observation, Igbos have few billionaires and many millionaires, Yoruba and Hausa have few millionaires but more billionaires.

What is the richest city in Nigeria?

Welcome To Nigeria’s Capital City ( Abuja ) | The Richest City In Africa.

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