You asked: How much is half bag of rice in Nigeria today?

Paddy Rice Price
75kg (full bag) ₦9,000
37.5kg (half bag) ₦4,250
10kg ₦1,400
5kg ₦700

What is the current price of a bag of rice in Nigeria?

In 2021, 50kg bag of foreign rice is sold for huge ₦31, 000 while Nigerian rice is sold for ₦25, 000 due to the unstable economy and only wealthy citizens could afford eating rice on daily basis.

How much is a bag of rice in Nigeria December 2020?

Price of Ordinary Local Rice in Nigeria

A bag of ordinary local rice in Nigeria market goes between N15,000 to N23,000. This is local rice of low quality.

How much is 1kg of rice in Nigeria?

Conversion rate: One U.S dollar is 381.2 Nigerian naira.

Average prices of selected food products in Nigeria as of February 2021 (in Naira)

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Characteristic Prices in Nigerian Naira
Broken rice (Ofada) , 1kg 462.42

What is the market price for rice?


Name Price Unit
Rice 13.29 USD per cwt.
Soybean Meal 395.20 USD per Ton
Soybeans 15.83 USD per Bushel
Soybean Oil 0.71 USD per lb.

Why is rice expensive in Nigeria?

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It involves changing harvested paddy into edible rice. Nigeria’s rice processing techniques are inefficient. This has resulted in processed rice that’s too expensive and of a lower quality than rice from other countries like China, Vietnam and India.

How many paint bucket is in 25kg bag of rice?

1. How many paint bucket is in a bag of rice ? The answer is between 13 to 12 paint buckets precisely the left over after the 12th bucket may not fill the 13th bucket completely.

How many cups of rice is in 1 kg?

In terms of uncooked rice, cups can accomodate 200gms rice and hence we will get about 5 cups for 1 kg of rice. Its totally depends upon size of the cup. But ideal volume of a cup is 200 grams i.e. 5 cups will amounts to 1 k.g.

How many cups of rice is 5kg?

The answer is: The change of 1 kg – kilo ( kilogram ) unit in a white Basmati rice measure equals = into 5.29 cup AU ( Australian cup ) as in the equivalent measure and for the same white Basmati rice type.

How much is a bag of garri in Nigeria 2020?

Market Insights

Items Brand MUSHIN (19/03/2020)
Carton of Noodles Golden Penny 1400
Bag of Garri Ijebu 6000
Bag of Garri White 7000
Bag of Garri Yellow 7500
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Is food expensive in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can get a meal (like pressed chicken, suya, pepper soup) from a street vendor or a local restaurant for 3-5$. Of course, an expensive date at a fancy restaurant might amount up to 50$ for two people, including drinks.

How many Mudu is in 50kg bag of rice?

For a 50kg bag of rice, it contains between 25 – 32 mudu.

Who is the current Prince of Nigeria?

Current Prince of Nigeria | Prince Kunle Omilana Nigerian Prince Kunle Omilana and Princess Keisha …

What is the cheapest type of rice?

Rice: It’s Way More Complicated Than You Think

  • White Rice — 2-7 cents per ounce. kazoka30/Getty Images. …
  • Brown Rice — 4-8 cents per ounce. Brown rice is just white rice with all its clothes on. …
  • Jasmine Rice — 7-10 cents per ounce. …
  • Basmati Rice — 13-30+ cents per ounce. …
  • Wild Rice — 43+ cents per ounce.


What is the price of rice in 2020?

Find below price of Basmati Rice and Hybrid Basmati Rice Varieties

Commodity State Price (Per Quintal)
Pusa Basmati Raw Rice Madhya Pradesh INR 4500
Sugandha Sella Rice Delhi, Haryana INR 4250
Sugandha Steam Rice Delhi, Haryana INR 4900
Sharbati Sella Rice Delhi, Haryana, UP INR 3700

How much does rice cost per ton?

In 2019, one metric ton of U.S. California Medium Grain rice had an average export price of 850 U.S. dollars.

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