You asked: How many county assembly are there in Kenya?

Counties of Kenya Kaunti za Kenya (Swahili)
Number 47 Counties
Populations 143,920 (Lamu) – 4,397,073 (Nairobi)
Areas 294.7 km2 (113.8 sq mi) (Mombasa) – 71,597.8 km2 (27,644.1 sq mi) (Turkana)
Government County Government, Government of Kenya

How many Subcounties are there in Kenya?

Figure1: The map of Kenya showing 47 counties (colored) and 295 sub-counties (numbered).

Which is biggest county in Kenya?

Marsabit County (up to 2010 Marsabit District) is a county of Kenya. Covering a surface area of 66.923,1 square kilometres Marsabit is the largest county in Kenya. Its capital is Marsabit and its largest town Moyale. According to the 2019 census, the county has a population of 459,785.

How many constituencies are in Kenya?

Constituencies of Kenya are used to elect members of the Kenyan parliament. In accordance with article 89 of the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, there are 290 number of constituencies, based on a formula where these Constituencies were to be delineated based on population numbers.

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Which is the largest and smallest county in Kenya?

1. Mombasa County. Mombasa County is Kenya’s county with the smallest landmass. The county’s meager land area occupies a total of 212.5 square kilometers and it is one of the prominent counties situated in Kenya’s former Coast Province.

Which is the smallest region in Kenya?

Nyanza Province

Nyanza Mkoa wa Nyanza
Country Kenya
No. of Counties: 6
Capital Kisumu

Which constituency has the largest population in Kenya?

The population of Nairobi as of 2020

Well, the figure, according to KNBS, is 4,397,073 people. Apart from it being the most populated city in Kenya, it is also the most populous county in the country. The results mean that the population of the country has grown by more than four times since independence.

Which is the best tribe to marry in Kenya?

Luhya and Luos are the best examples of ethnic groups whose marriages end up successful. The two ethnic groups have long enjoyed a noble relationship as neighbors and often refer to each other as mashemeji. Besides being hardworking, there are several facts about Luhya ladies that makes them ideal wives.

Which is the most educated tribe in Kenya?

Kikuyu. Currently, the Kikuyu tribe tops the list; they are the most educated tribe in Kenya with over 130 professors and 5600 Ph.

Which tribe is the richest in Kenya?

The Kikuyu community is the richest tribe in Kenya today and in the year 2021. The second richest tribe in Kenya is the Kalenjin community.

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How many MPS are there in Kenya 2020?

It has a total of 349 seats: 290 elected from the constituencies, 47 women elected from the counties and 12 nominated representatives. The Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya serves as an ex officio member.

How many MPS do we have in Kenya?

Of the 350 members of the National Assembly, 290 members of any gender are elected directly from single-member constituencies, forty-seven women members are elected directly from each county, and twelve representatives of special interests are nominated by parties based on the number of seats they control in the body.

How many Kanu MPS in Kenya?

National Assembly Composition

Affiliation Members
Constituency-Elected Total
Amani 12 14
FORD-K 11 13
KANU 8 10

Who is the richest lady in Kenya?

If you are interested in Knowing who is the list of richest women in Kenya,here is the list:

  • Mama Ngina Kenyatta.
  • Tabitha Karanja.
  • Margaret Saitoti.
  • Leah Wanjiku Muguku.
  • Jane Wangui Njuguna. …
  • Mary Okello. …
  • Lucy Mwiti & Faith Mwikali. …
  • 8).


Which tribe has the most handsome guys in Kenya?

In short, they have very personal faces. Well, Mpasho conducted a poll on which Kenyan tribes has the most handsome and attractive men and the Luhya, Maasai, Luo, Kamba, Kisii, and Taita communities dominated the list.

Which county in Kenya has the most beautiful ladies?

Below is the list of counties with the most beautiful women;

  • Taita Taveta Country. Taita Taveta county is home to the most beautiful women in Kenya. …
  • Kilifi County. Another coastal county dominates our top list. …
  • Nairobi County. …
  • Kiambu County. …
  • Garissa County. …
  • Mombasa County. …
  • Kisumu County. …
  • Narok County.
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