You asked: How do you write ABCD in Igbo?

How do you write the alphabet in Igbo?


  1. A,a B,b CH,ch D,d E,e F,f G,g.
  2. GB,gb GH,gh GW,gw H,h I,i ị,ị J,j.
  3. K,k KP,kp KW,kw L,l M,m N,n Ṅ,ṅ
  4. NW,nw NY,ny O,o Ọ,ọ P,p R,r S,s.
  5. SH,sh T,t U,u Ụ,ụ V,v W,w Y,y.
  6. Z,z.


What is alphabet in Igbo language?

The modern Igbo alphabet (Igbo: Mkpụrụ Edemede Igbo), otherwise known as the Igbo alphabet (Igbo: Mkpụrụ Edemede Igbo), is the alphabet of the Igbo language, it is one of the three national languages of Nigeria.

Igbo alphabet.

Mkpụrụ Edemede Igbo Ásụ̀sụ̀ Ìgbò
Languages Igbo Written Igbo
ISO 15924
ISO 15924 Latn, , ​Latin

Who wrote Igbo alphabet?

History of Igbo orthography

In the 1850s, German philologist Karl Richard Lepsius published the Standard Alphabet, which was universal to all languages of the world, and became the first Igbo orthography.

What is the Nigerian alphabet?

The Pan-Nigerian alphabet is a set of 33 Latin letters standardised by the National Language Centre of Nigeria in the 1980s. It is intended to be sufficient to write all the languages of Nigeria without using digraphs.

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How can I learn Igbo?


  1. Identify high and low tones in speech. Pronounce the high tone with your tongue bent towards the roof of your mouth, such as when you say “rule” in English. …
  2. Listen to native speakers. Simply listening to spoken Igbo may be the best way to understand the tonal structure of the language.

Is Igbo a written language?

Igbo is written in the Latin alphabet introduced by British colonialists and missionaries. Secret societies such as the Ekpe use nsibidi ideograms to write Igbo and other languages around its area of influence. Nsibidi is an ideographic writing system used for over 500 years.

What are the Igbo vowels?

The A group consists of the vowel a, and all of the dotted Igbo vowels: ị , ọ, and ụ. The E group consists of the vowel e, and the non-dotted Igbo vowels (not including A): i, o, and u. (Remember, the dotted and non-dotted vowels have slightly different pronunciations in Igbo.)

What is numbers in Igbo language?

Igbo numbering rules

Digits from zero to nine are specific words, namely adigi [0], otu [1], abụọ [2], atọ [3], anọ [4], ise [5], isii [6], asaa [7], asato [8], and eteghiete [9].

Which tribe is richest in Nigeria?

Though the richest people in Nigeria individually are Hausa and Yoruba. From my own observation, Igbos have few billionaires and many millionaires, Yoruba and Hausa have few millionaires but more billionaires.

Is Igbo language dying?

In Nigeria, the language spoken by one of the largest ethnic groups, the Igbo, is in danger of dying out – which is odd because the population is growing.

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Is Igbo from Israel?

The Igbo are one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups. Among them is a minority of practicing Jews who believe they are descended from the “lost tribes” of Israel.

Is Igbo a Romance language?

Igbo is a very gender neutral language and almost every word in Igbo is unisex in application. But, in terms of romance, the three key ideas in Igbo that are considered ‘romantic’ are ‘beauty’ (for both sexes), ‘sex’, and ‘money/wealth’.

How many tones does Yoruba?

Yoruba is a tonal language with three-level tones and two or three contour tones. Every syllable must have at least one tone; a syllable containing a long vowel can have two tones.

What is the language of Nigeria?


Across the Sahara