You asked: How do I register my old car in Kenya?

How much is vehicle registration in Kenya?

Registration Fees

Registration will cost between 15,000 – 23,000 Ksh to register your car. This is done by your clearing agent. If you have a special number plate the cost to have this transferred is 30,000 Ksh. It can sometimes delay the time it takes to register your vehicle.

How do I register my car in Kenya?

The things you require to register a vehicle.

  1. Certified copy of national identity card of vehicle owner or valid Passport.
  2. Personal Identification Certificate Number (PIN) card.
  3. Bill of Lading or Airway Bill.
  4. Import Declaration Form (IDF)
  5. Duty and VAT receipts.
  6. Import entry form (Form 63)


How long does it take to register a car in Kenya?

About 3 to 7 days.

How do I register my ex army vehicle?

To register an ex-military vehicle one has to provide confirmation of the date the vehicle was built. Upon examination of the vehicle and/or relevant photos we will provide an Age Related letter on Club headed notepaper that the DVLA will accept as proof of age of the vehicle along with a V55/5 form.

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Is it cheaper to import a car in Kenya?

Therefore, the short answer as to whether it’s cheaper to import a car in Kenya is yes.

Which is the current number plate in Kenya?

The current series of vehicle registration plates in Kenya are on a white plate with black lettering and look quite similar to UK suffix style registrations. The format is LLL NNNL, where ‘L’ denotes a letter and ‘N’ denotes a digit.

How do I import a car to Kenya?

Other crucial information and documents that are needed to import a car to Kenya are:

  1. Original Commercial Invoice.
  2. Original Bill of lading. …
  3. Original Logbook from the country of importation. …
  4. Pre-shipment inspection certificate. …
  5. Copy of your PIN certificate/ Copy of certificate of Incorporation (applicable to companies)


How much is import duty on cars in Kenya?

How is car duty calculated in Kenya? Import Duty is 25% of the CRSP. Excise Duty is 20% of the CRSP + Import Duty.

How do I get a new number plate in Kenya?

Here is how to go about it,

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account **Kindly note that the account should be in the name as per the logbook**.
  3. Once you have login.
  4. Go to apply reflective number plate.
  5. Choose on the vehicle that you wish to apply for the same.
  6. Indicate which type of the plate whether oblong or square.

What do I need to know before importing a car?

17 Things People Should Know Before Buying And Importing A Car

  1. 1 Take Note Of The Import Value. Via
  2. 2 Luxury Cars Are Best Imported From Italy And Germany. Via …
  3. 3 Protect Your Investment. Via …
  4. 4 Cost Of Running Repairs. …
  5. 5 Size Matters. …
  6. 6 Don’t Get Scammed. …
  7. 7 Do A Sanctions Check. …
  8. 8 Confirm Classic Car Considerations. …
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What is the age limit for car importation in Kenya?

Acting Transport secretary James Macharia maintained the eight-year maximum age rule for motor vehicle importation holds. The law bars Kenyans from importing vehicles whose first year of registration is more than eight years.

How old should a car be to import to Kenya?

In Particular, The Imported Vehicle; Must be less than 8 years old form the year of first registration. Will be subject to roadworthiness inspection by a KEBS appointed inspection agent in the country of export. Must be Right Hand drive.

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