You asked: How do I get a certificate of occupancy in Lagos State?

Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy in Lagos requires certain processes that must be followed duly. The Applicant should purchase and submit the application pack to the Land Use Allocation Commission (LUAC) and collect an acknowledgement slip. The Applicant should pay for the allocated land within 90 days.

How long does it take to get certificate of occupancy in Lagos State?

This process adds up to a total of 21 days.

How do I get a certificate of occupancy in Nigeria?


An applicant who is a Statutory right of Occupancy holder is expected to duly complete an Application form and provide these documents at the point of applying for a C of O in Lagos: Land information certificate. Receipt for land information fee. Receipt for application form.

How long does it take to get a certificate of occupancy in Nigeria?

Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy requires following a clearly spelt out procedure that takes a minimum of 21 working days. It is important to find out for sure that your land or property is not already under acquisition.

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How much does C of O cost in Nigeria?


PRIME CHARGE of N50,000 for all C of O applications (State and non-State land). This initial fee covers the cost of application, advertisement and preparation of Certificate of Occupancy and administrative charge.

What is the difference between certificate of occupancy and right of occupancy?

Right of Occupancy (R of O) is simply an offer to a said plot of land, while a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is the official or certified right of ownership over that parcel of land. The R of O is a weaker title when compared to the C of O — as with the former the title can be revoked without compensation.

What is deemed Grant?

An actual grant is naturally a grant expressly made by the Governor of a State or a Local Government whilst a deemed grant comes into existence automatically by the operation of law.

Why is a certificate of occupancy important?

A certificate of occupancy serves as proof that a property has complied with all standards and codes and is now fit for occupancy. Depending on what the structure is used for, this could be occupancy by a residential tenant, by a commercial tenant or by a retail store and its customers.

What is global certificate of occupancy?


This is a certificate of occupancy, issued to an estate owner , covering the whole expanse of land. The estate owner can then issue a Deed of Assignment to individual owners of plots in the estate , signifying Transfer of Ownership.

What is rights of occupancy?

occupancy right means a right of use of a socially owned apartment under a contract on use of the apartment made under the Law on Housing Relations1 or the Law on Housing.

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How much is land survey in Nigeria?

As stated earlier, the least cost of a registered survey of a plot of land is N350,000 (Three hundred and fifty thousand naira). 2. In Lagos, the cost of survey varies according to location.

What is a gazetted land?

A gazette shows the communities or villages that have been granted excision and the number of acres or hectares of land that the government has given to them.

What is deed of assignment?

a legal agreement to give an asset or to sell a debt to someone else: This deed of assignment enables ownership of a life-insurance policy to be transferred from the current owner to another person or organization.

How much does land cost in Lagos?

Residential land for sale

The average price of land for sale in Lagos is ₦6,000,000 per plot.

What is C of O in real estate?

A certificate of occupancy is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying a building’s compliance with applicable building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for occupancy.

What is the full meaning of C of O?

A Certificate of Occupancy(C of O) is a legal document that shows ownership and purpose of land. It is a very important document. By law, the government owns all land.

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