Will there be Season 2 of Morocco?

Morocco: Love in Times of War (season 2) should be available to watch on Netflix by January 25th, 2019. Comment below if you want to see a second season of Netflix’s original series Morocco: Love in Times of War!

How many seasons does Morocco have?


Is Morocco love in times of war true?

Both projects are based on true events and characters. “Love in Times of War” is set in 1921 in Spanish Morocco where a group of young, upper-class nurses seek to find a valid reason for their lives as they clash with their lower class with humbler but more self-realized classes.

How many seasons of Morocco are on Netflix?

Morocco: Love in Times of War
Original language Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13

Is Morocco based on a true story?

At the end of season 1, there were photos of real nurses who had served in Morocco, leading me to believe that some of the material in the series is based on true stories. Morocco: Love in Times of War (Tiempos de guerra) is streaming on Netflix.

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What is the season in Morocco now?

The seasons in Morocco are similar to other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, with winter from December through February and summer from June through August.

Will there be a season 2 of Morocco on Netflix?

Season 2 Netflix Release Date

It’ll air first in Spain between September and December 2017 before getting added to Netflix in January 2019. Do you want to see season 2 of Morocco: Love in Times of War come to Netflix?

Does Morocco have Netflix?

The giant sources of movies and TV Series was operating in couple of countries like United States, Canada, UK, Sweden and few other countries in Europe, Netflix is now available in more than 130 countries including the Arab world and Morocco is one of them.

Where was Morocco filmed?

Sternberg’s depiction of “picturesque” Morocco elicited a favorable response from the Moroccan government, which ran announcements in The New York Times inviting American tourists to enjoy “just as Gary Cooper [was seduced by the] unforgettable landscapes and engaging people.” On the contrary, the movie was filmed …

Where was Morocco Netflix filmed?

Filming took place in several different locations of the Kingdom of Morocco, including Rabat, Sale, Kenitra, and Fez.

Who won the Rif war?

Spain won the Rif War. It regained the territory it had lost in 1921. About 43,500 Spanish troops were killed or wounded or went missing during the war; Spain’s ally France counted about 18,000 as killed, wounded, or missing.

Is there a season 2 of love in time?

Love in Time 2 season TV series — AirDate.

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How many episodes are there in love in time of Morocco?


Across the Sahara