Why has tourism decreased in Egypt?

Tourism has always been one of the biggest economic factors in Egypt. … However, since the revolution of 2011 and the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, tourism has gone down sharply, simply because many think the country is not safe enough. In the past years the number of visitors to Egypt fell by over 30%.

How does tourism affect Egypt?

The travel and tourism industry in Egypt is one of the country’s leading economic sectors, generating about 389 billion Egyptian pounds for the GDP in 2018. … The travel and tourism sector is also a major employer in the country with, a workforce of 1.25 million.

What 2 Things decrease tourist numbers in the years following the 2011 revolution in Egypt?

Egypt’s tourism has declined since the 2011 uprising

These include small hotel owners, tour guides, drivers, and souvenir shop owners who benefit from the streaming flock of tourists.

How much of Egypt’s economy is tourism?

Tourism in the economy. In 2018, total revenue from tourism reached EGP 174.1 billion, a 124% increase on the previous year, representing 15% of the country’s GDP. The tourism sector is one of the largest employers in Egypt, providing 3.1 million jobs or 9.5% of the total workforce.

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Is tourism important to Egypt?

Tourism in Egypt is one of the most important sources of national income, with the annual dollar revenues it provides, and the foreign currency returns that enabled it to participate significantly in the gross domestic product, and to combat unemployment by employing a wide segment of the workforce in Egypt.

What language is spoken in Egypt?

Modern Standard Arabic

What is the most visited place in Egypt?

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt

  1. Pyramids of Giza. Pyramids of Giza. …
  2. Luxor’s Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Karnak Temple. …
  3. Cruising the Nile. Cruising on the Nile at Luxor. …
  4. Aswan. Feluccas on the Nile at Aswan. …
  5. Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel. …
  6. Diving the Red Sea. …
  7. Explore Islamic Cairo. …
  8. South Sinai’s Beach Life.

How many tourists does Egypt get each year?

The number of tourist arrivals to Egypt during July 2018 amounted to about 1.1 million an increased from 781 thousand during July of the previous year.

Why do tourists like to visit Egypt?

Explore Temples, Temples and More Temples.

After the pyramids, the main reason most tourists visit Egypt is to travel back in time (or, pretend to be Indiana Jones) while exploring the country’s ancient temples. The temples are filled with interesting carvings, paintings and hieroglyphics.

What are the types of tourism in Egypt?

Here are the 4 main types of tourism in Egypt:

  • Cultural Tourism.
  • Leisure Tourism.
  • Religious Tourism.
  • Medical Tourism.


How big is tourism in Egypt?

Revenues from tourism reached the highest point at $12.6 billion in the fiscal year 2018-2019. In the year 2020, tourism related revenues dropped by nearly 70% to $4 billion. As per Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled El-Enany, Egypt’s tourist arrivals plunged to 3.5 million in 2020.

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Is tourism increasing in Egypt?

for 2020 Renewal

Egypt is now seeing annual visitor numbers increase from the low point of 2013 as tourists from both new and established markets decide to experience the well-known delights and charms of Egypt.

What does Egypt depend on?

Egypt’s economy relies mainly on agriculture, media, petroleum imports, natural gas, and tourism. Note: Top 3 trade partners are calculated by imports + exports.

How dangerous is Egypt?

Egypt is nearly crime-free; as Lonely Planet notes, “The incidence of crime, violent or otherwise, in Egypt is negligible compared with many Western countries, and you’re generally safe walking around day or night.” Most crime is petty theft, with little violent crime.

What are the best months to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is between October and April, when temperatures are cooler, but still pleasantly warm across the country. This makes exploring the busy streets of Cairo, visiting the Pyramids in the desert, and exploring ancient Pharaonic tombs more comfortable and enjoyable.

How do you dress in Egypt?

The dress code in Egypt for women is considered conservative by western standards and it is respectful to obey this code. For men it is not really an issue — normal trousers and shirt or T-shirt are fine — but in Cairo it would not be acceptable to wear short shorts or a tank tops/sleeveless tops.

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