Who paid for Second Niger Bridge?

The bridge was to be financed under a public private partnership (PPP) with 60 per cent of the funding coming from the contractor, Gitto Group; 20 per cent from the Federal Government of Nigeria, and 10 per cent from the Anambra and Delta State Governments.

Who constructed Niger Bridge?

Feasibility studies and design considerations on the possibility of constructing a bridge across River Niger from Asaba to Onitsha was carried out by the Netherlands Engineering Consultants of The Hague, Holland (NEDECO) in the 1950s, Between 1964 and 1965, French construction giant, Dumez, constructed the Niger Bridge …

How old is River Niger Bridge?


What is the length of River Niger Bridge?

4 593 фута

How much is the cost of second Niger Bridge?

Second Niger Bridge
Construction start September 1, 2018
Construction end February, 2022
Construction cost ₦336 Billion

Where is River Niger found?

The Niger River (/ˈnaɪdʒər/; French: (le) fleuve Niger, pronounced [(lə) flœv niʒɛʁ]) is the principal river of West Africa, extending about 4,180 km (2,600 mi).

Niger River.

show Niger River
Source Guinea Highlands
• location Guinea
Mouth Atlantic Ocean
• location Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria

What is River Bridge?

RiverBridge aims to be the bridge between the aspiring corporates and mainstream financial investors. RiverBridge seeks to bring in its rich expertise in the financial services domain to assist companies in accessing capital – venture capital, private equity, debt, mezzanine funds.

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How wide is River Niger?

Some 250 miles (400 km) downstream from Timbuktu, a rocky ridge that obstructs the course of the river is pierced by a defile (narrow gorge) more than a mile long, with an average width of about 800 feet (240 metres) and a depth of more than 100 feet (30 metres) in places.

When was the Onitsha bridge built?

The Niger Bridge more popularly referred to as the Onitsha Bridge, was constructed between 1964 and 1965, and it was commissioned in December 1965.

Which is the longest bridge in Africa?

Third Mainland Bridge is the longest of three bridges connecting Lagos Island to the mainland, the other are the Eko and Carter bridges. It was the longest bridge in Africa until 1996 when the 6th October Bridge located in Cairo was completed.

Third Mainland Bridge
Opened 1990
Daily traffic very high
Toll No

How big is Onitsha main market?

It hosts the Onitsha Main Market, the largest market in Africa in terms of geographical size and volume of goods. In the 2006 Nigerian census, Onitsha had an estimated city proper population of over quarter a million people.


Onitsha Ọ̀nị̀chà Mmílí Port City
Climate Aw
Website https://anambrastate.gov.ng
Across the Sahara