Who led the second military coup in Nigeria?

The 1966 Nigerian counter-coup, or the so-called “July Rematch”, was the second of many military coups in Nigeria. It was masterminded by Lt. Colonel Murtala Muhammed and many northern military officers.

Who led the first coup d’etat in Nigeria?

The 1966 Nigerian coup d’état began on 15 January 1966, when mutinous Nigerian soldiers led by Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu and Emmanuel Ifeajuna killed 22 people including the Prime Minister of Nigeria, many senior politicians, many senior Army officers (including their wives), and sentinels on protective duty.

What caused the military coups in Nigeria?

‘Decalo lists the following reasons for African military coups: ethnic rivalries, intramilitary quarrels, personal jealousies and ambitions and personal fear’.

Who led the military coup in 1993?

The 1993 Nigerian coup d’état was a bloodless military coup which took place in Nigeria on 17 November 1993 when the Armed Forces, headed by Defence Minister General Sani Abacha, forced Interim President Chief Ernest Shonekan to resign.

Where is Aguiyi-Ironsi from?

Умуахия, Нигерия

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Who is the first Army general in Nigeria?

Chief of Army Staff

No. Chief of Army Staff Time in office
1 Lieutenant colonel Yakubu Gowon FSS (born 1934) Later military ruler 6 months
2 Lieutenant colonel Joseph Akahan OFR FSS (1937–1968) 1 year
3 Major general Hassan Katsina RCDS, PSC (1933–1995) 2 years, 8 months
4 Major general David Ejoor (1932–2019) 4 years, 6 months

How old is Obasanjo now?

84 years (March 5, 1937)

When did military rule end in Nigeria?

Nigerian military juntas

Republic of Nigeria (1966) Federal Republic of Nigeria (1966–1999)
Religion Traditional beliefs · Islam · Christianity ·
Government Unitary republic under military dictatorship (15 January 1966-31 August 1966) Federal republic under military dictatorship (1966–1979; 1983–1999)

When was the first military coup in Africa?

The 1963 Togolese coup d’état was a military coup that occurred in the West African country of Togo on 13 January 1963.

1963 Togolese coup d’état
Government Army faction Supported by: France
Commanders and leaders
Sylvanus Olympio Emmanuel Bodjollé Étienne Eyadéma Kléber Dadjo Nicolas Grunitzky
Casualties and losses

Who overthrew Buhari?

1985 Nigerian coup d’état

Date August 27, 1985
Location Nigeria
Result Coup succeeds. Muhammadu Buhari is ousted by the Chief of Army Staff Ibrahim Babangida.

When was the last coup in Africa?


Event Date Country
2017 Equatoguinean coup d’état attempt 27 – 28 December 2017 Equatorial Guinea
2019 Gabonese coup d’état attempt 7 January 2019 Gabon
2019 Sudanese coup d’état 10 April 2019 Sudan
2019 Ethiopian coup d’état attempt 22 June 2019 Ethiopia

What happens during a coup d etat?

In a coup, it is the military, paramilitary, or opposing political faction that deposes the current government and assumes power; whereas, in the pronunciamiento, the military deposes the existing government and installs an ostensibly civilian government.

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Which African country experienced a coup last week?

2020 Malian coup d’état

Date 18 August 2020
Location Mali

How Aguiyi-Ironsi was killed?

July 29, 1966, Lagelu, Nigeria

Who overthrew Yakubu Gowon?

Consequently, Gowon is the longest serving head of state of Nigeria, ruling for almost nine years until his overthrow in the coup d’état of 1975 by Brigadier Murtala Mohammed.

When did Aguiyi-Ironsi die?

July 29, 1966

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