Who is the most richest female artist in Uganda?

Grace is the richest female musician in Uganda.

Who is the richest female artist in Uganda 2020?

And in the latest estimate Fille Mutoni is the Richest Female musician In Uganda 2020. The queen of wealth in the Ugandan Music industry is valued at a whooping $71 Million to her name.

Who is the richest musician in Uganda in 2020?

Bobi Wine tops the list of Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020.

Who is the most female artist in Uganda?

Who is the most beautiful female artist in Uganda? The most beautiful female artist in Uganda today is Zanie Brown. This is because of her outstanding admirable glares and sweet voices whenever she sings. At the second place is Rema Namakula, the former wife of Uganda male musician Eddy Kenzo.

Who is the best female artist in Uganda 2020?

Best Female Artist

  • Vinka.
  • Sheebah.
  • Winnie Nwagi.
  • Karole Kasita.
  • Rema.
  • Spice Diana.
  • Cindy.


Who is the richest celebrity in Uganda?

Top 10 richest musicians in Uganda

  1. Bobi Wine – $7.3 million. Read also. …
  2. Jose Chameleone – $6 million. Jose Chameleone. …
  3. Bebe Cool – $2.6 million. Bebe Cool. …
  4. Ragga Dee – $4 million. Ragga Dee. …
  5. Mesach Semakula – $560,000. Mesach Semakula. …
  6. Ronald Mayinja – $554,000. Ronald Mayinja. …
  7. Geoffrey Lutaaya – $350,000. Geoffrey Lutaaya. …
  8. Grace Nakimera – $320,000.
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Who is the most beautiful female artist in Uganda?

Most Beautiful Ugandan Female Musicians of all time

  • Cindy Sanyu.
  • Winnie Nwagi.
  • Sheebah Karungi.
  • Spice Diana.
  • Grace Nakimera.
  • Lydia Jazmine.
  • Zanie Brown.
  • Iryn Namubiru.


Who is the best artist in Uganda 2020?

Latest List Of The Top 10 Richest Artists In Uganda 2020



Who is the first richest artist in Uganda?

Who is the richest musician in Uganda today? Bobi Wine is the richest musician in Uganda today. Furthermore, Bobi Wine has maintained the first position in the list of Forbes richest musician in Uganda from 2018 to 2021.

Who is the best musician in Uganda 2020?

  • Bobi Wine. The musician turned politician is arguably one of the richest musicians in Uganda. …
  • Jose Chameleone. …
  • Mesach Semakula. …
  • Banjo Man. …
  • Ragga Dee. …
  • Eddy Kenzo. …
  • Geoffrey Lutaaya. …
  • Bebe Cool.

Who is the most artist in Uganda?

Bebe Cool has cut himself out as an artist and businessman with connections in high places, all of which do contribute to lining his pockets, making him Uganda’s most paid artist of 2019.

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