Who is the founder of APC party in Nigeria?

Who is the founder of APC?

Всеобщий прогрессивный конгресс/Основатели

Who is the leader of PDP in Nigeria?

PDP National Working Committee

Formation 1998
Location Abuja, Nigeria
Key people Uche Secondus, Chairman Yemi Akinwonmi, Deputy Chair Udeh Okoye, Youth Leader Ibrahim Tsuari, Secretary
Parent organization People’s Democratic Party
Website National Working Committee

Who is the former APC National Chairman?

Adams Oshiomhole
Adams Oshiomhole, former President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (right) with U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Howard F. Jeter (center), 5 July 2002, Lagos.
National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress
In office 24 July 2018 – 16 June 2020
Preceded by John Odigie Oyegun

Who is the current chairman of CPC?

Incumbent Xi Jinping

leader of the Communist Party of China Central Committee
Simplified Chinese 中共中央主要负责人
Traditional Chinese 中共中央主要負責人
Literal meaning CPC Central Committee primary responsible person

How old is Adams Oshiomhole?

69 years (April 4, 1952)

How old is John oyegun?

81 years (August 12, 1939)

Which is the first party in Nigeria?

The Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) was Nigeria’s first political party. Formed in 1923 by Herbert Macaulay to take advantage of the new Clifford Constitution, which succeeded the 1914 Nigerian Council.

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What is the slogan for PDP?

Peoples Democratic Party (Nigeria)

People’s Democratic Party
Ideology National conservatism Social conservatism Economic liberalism
Political position Centre-right
Colours Green, white, red
Slogan Power to the people

Is Atiku a Nigerian by birth?

November 25, 1946 (age 74 years), Jada, Nigeria

Who is Adam Oshiomole wife?

Адамс Ошиомхоле/Жена

What is the full meaning of CPC party?

The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) was a political party founded in Nigeria in 2009 in preparation for the April 2011 elections. It was the 63rd political party to be founded in the country.

What is the leader of the Communist Party called?

General Secretary or First Secretary is the official title of leaders of most Communist political parties.

When was CPC established?

The overall mandate of CPC is to protect consumers across all sectors. Although the establishing law was originally enacted in 1992, the Council was created, and became operational in 1999.

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