Who is the best rapper in Zambia Top 10?

Who is the king of rapper in Zambia?

Slap dee Crowns Himself King Of Zambian Hip Hop.

Who is the richest rapper in Zambia 2020?

Who is a richest musician in Zambia 2020? Hip-hop musician Mark Mulaza Kaira, otherwise well known by the stage name Macky 2 is currently the richest musician in Zambia today worth K1. 5,000,000 million (Kwacha).

Who is best singer in Zambia?

This is our guide to nine musicians from Zambia worth knowing.

  • Jay Rox. Jay Rox began his career as part of an award-winning hip-hop group called Zone Fam. …
  • Exile/Izrael. …
  • Mampi. …
  • Cleo Ice Queen. …
  • Wezi. …
  • Roberto.


Who is the king of hip hop in Zambia 2019?

Mwila Musonda, more widely known by his stage name Slapdee (also stylized as Slap D) is a Zambian hip hop and rap musician. Having won multiple awards since his debut in 2006, he is often regarded one of the pioneers of Zambian hip-hop.

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Who is best rapper in Zambia 2020?


  • Slap Dee. Slap Dee is another big name in Zambia’s music industry. …
  • Macky2. Going by the birth name Mulaza Kaira, Macky2 is Zambia’s hottest rapper. …
  • Chef 187. Going by the birth name Kondwani Kaira, Chef 187 was born in Zambia, he has remained a vibrant rapper, songwriter and hip-hop star since 2011. …
  • Ruff Kid. …
  • Bobby East.


Who is best rap in Zambia?


  • Macky2. Going By The Birth Name Mulaza Kaira, Macky2 Is Zambia’s Hottest Rapper. …
  • Slap Dee. Slap Dee Is Another Big Name In Zambia’s Music Industry. …
  • Chef 187. Going By The Birth Name Kondwani Kaira, Chef 187 Was Born In The Zambian Capital City –Lusaka. …
  • Ruff Kid. …
  • Roberto.

Who is a first richest musician in Zambia?

Macky 2 is the richest musician in Zambia with a net worth of K 1 million. He has released five studio albums so far in his career.

Who is the richest man in Zambia?

Hakainde Hichilema is the richest man in Zambia. He is Zambia’s second-largest cattle rancher. He served as the chief executive officer of both Coopers and Lybrand Zambia (1994–1998) and Grant Thornton Zambia.

Who is the Top 10 Richest Man in Zambia?

After reading this you will learn who is the top 10 richest man in Zambia.

Here’s Top 5 Richest Men In Zambia

  • Carl Irwin – 470 million dollars. Ad. …
  • Hanson Sindowe – $6 billion dollars. …
  • Robin Miller – $18 billion dollars. …
  • Mark O’Donnell – $35 billion dollars. …
  • Hakainde Hichilema – $70 billion dallars.
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Who is the best DJ in Zambia?

El Mukuka: Zambia’s Famous House DJ – Zed Top 10

Born Eleftherios Mukuka, the tall light skinned DJ popularly known by his moniker El Mukuka is no stranger to music or the boisterous party scene across Zambia.

Who is the best DJ in Zambia 2019?

Regarded as Zambia’s top DJ/Producer, El Mukuka drops his latest single ‘Colder’ across all digital platforms today. Have a listen to ‘Colder’ HERE. He has joined forces with Gallo Record Company to release his latest track ‘Colder’ and the single is everything but what the title suggests.

Who is the fastest rapper in the world?

Eminem is one of the fastest rappers in the world. He holds the Guinness World Record for most words rapped in a hit single. The record came in 2013 when he released Rap God that packed 1,560 words in a song that is 6 minutes 4 seconds long. That also translates to an average of 4.28 words per second.

Who is the king of hip hop music?

Eminem has been crowned the King of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone. The magazine took a look at solo rappers who released albums from 2009 to the present, taking into account album sales, rankings on the R&B/hip-hop and rap charts, YouTube video views, social media, concerts grosses, awards and critics’ opinions.

Who brought hip hop in Zambia?

Hip Hop in Zambia has its roots in the late 80s and early 90s; many young people were influenced by American Hip Hop mostly shown on imported programs by the local broadcaster; Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.

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