Who have private jet in Nigeria?

1. Wizkid private jet. Ghana Afro nation tonight!! Among the Nigerian celebrities who use personal planes rather often is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, but he is more commonly named Wizkid.

How many private jet do we have in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has confirmed that there are 146 corporate jets in the country of which only 46 were registered in Nigeria while 100 has foreign registration.

Who owns the best private jet in Nigeria?

Top 10 Private Jet Owners in Nigeria 2021

  1. ORJI UZOR KALU. Orji UzorKalu has the largest fleet of private jets in Nigeria. …


Which Nigerian footballer has a private jet?

1. Former Super Eagles forward Daniel “De Bull” Amokachi has revealed that he got his private jet as a player because of his relationship with the club president at Besiktas.

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How much is a private jet to naira?

How much does it cost to charter a private jet in Nigeria? In Nigeria, most private jet charter companies charge as much as $4,500 – $6,000 US dollars for one hour. So, a $4,500 private hire will amount to approximately ₦1.78 Million Naira.

Does Ronaldo have a private jet?

Ronaldo has got 2 private jets and is very costly. He bought this Gulfstream twin engine in the year 2015 which cost him around 20 million euros. The G200 is the fastest private jet with a speed of 560 mph. He also owns a G650 which comes with a capacity of 18 passengers, with a top speed of 610 miles per hour.

Does wizkid own a private jet?

1. Wizkid. Wizkid private jet goes without saying that to earn himself a life with this luxurious kind of vehicle, Segun Demurem, his former boss, has helped him a lot. On several occasions, Wizkid has his friends joining him to travel in his private jets..

How much is Davido private jet worth?

The private jet costs about $62 million. Davido’s father, Dr Deji Adeleke has 2 private jets. The first one is a Challenger 605 private jet. The second one which he bought recently is a Bombardier Global Express 6000 private jet.

Who have the most expensive private jet in Nigeria?

The Former Governor of Abia state Dr. Theodore Orji Uzor Kalu owns the most expensive jet in Nigeria Which is the Gulfstream G650 which is worth $75million (₦27.1Bn). Though the Ex-Gov has 5 private jets to his name and possession and the most owned by any Nigerian.

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Who owns the best private jet?

The World’s 5 Most Expensive Private Jets

  • The world’s most expensive private jet belongs to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia who owns an Airbus A380 with a price tag of over 500 million USD. …
  • The A380 has a maximum speed of 1,050 km/r and a flight range of 15,700 kilometers, enough to fly from Riyadh to New York non-stop.


Does Drogba own a private jet?

Drogba style of play is second to none. He was a ruthless striker with many trophies to his name. The erudite striker is Chelsea’s overseas player of all time and he is one of the most influential and richest football players in Africa. He owns a private Jet too with an estimated net worth of about $90 Million.

Does Asamoah Gyan own a private jet?

He owns exotic cars, a private jet ‘La Basillaca De Baby jet’, and lives in mansions. Here we will share with you just a peek of Asamoah Gyan posh and lavish life.

Which players have private jet?

Footballers who own private jets: Cristiano Ronaldo private jet the most expensive of them all?

  • Neymar private jet – Embraer Legacy 450. …
  • Paul Pogba private jet – Gulfstream G280. …
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic private jet – Cessna Citation Longitude. …
  • Lionel Messi private jet – Embraer Legacy 650.


How rich do you have to be to own a jet?

Extensive domestic and international travel is often a requirement for ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals with at least US$30 million in assets.

What is the cheapest private jet to buy?

The cheapest private jet on the market is the small but mighty Cirrus Vision Jet at $1.96 million. The Vision Jet is the world’s first single-engine private jet, powered by a Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine that produces 1,800lbs of thrust.

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How much is a private jet per hour?

You can expect to pay between $1,300 and $3,000 per flying hour on average for this low-cost private jet service onboard a turboprop or executive light jet; $4,000 to $8,000 per flying hour for a mid-size to super-mid-size jet; and $8,600 to $13,000 per flying hour for a large private jet.

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