Who Built Great Zimbabwe quizlet?

Mansu Musa, Great Zimbabwe.

Who built the Great Zimbabwe?

Begun during the eleventh century A.D. by Bantu-speaking ancestors of the Shona, Great Zimbabwe was constructed and expanded for more than 300 years in a local style that eschewed rectilinearity for flowing curves.

What empire built the Great Zimbabwe?

Settlement. The majority of scholars believe that it was built by members of the Gokomere culture, who were the ancestors of the modern Shona in Zimbabwe. The Great Zimbabwe area was settled by the fourth century AD.

What is the Great Zimbabwe quizlet?

Great Zimbabwe. Definition: Great stone house. An ancient African civizalation known for there great curved walls which symbol end wealth. They got rich by trading gold and ivory tusks and like the Swahili people they fell mysteriously. You just studied 2 terms!

Where is Great Zimbabwe located quizlet?

Zimbabwe is in sub-saharan Africa. It is on the southern edge between the Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers.

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Who was the king of Great Zimbabwe?

In approximately 1430 Prince Nyatsimba Mutota from the Great Zimbabwe travelled north to the Dande region in search of salt. He then defeated the Tonga and Tavara with his army and established his dynasty at Chitakochangonya Hill. The land he conquered would become the Kingdom of Mutapa.

What led to the fall of Great Zimbabwe?

Causes suggested for the decline and ultimate abandonment of the city of Great Zimbabwe have included a decline in trade compared to sites further north, the exhaustion of the gold mines, political instability, and famine and water shortages induced by climatic change.

What was great Zimbabwe known for?

Great Zimbabwe was a medieval African city known for its large circular wall and tower. It was part of a wealthy African trading empire that controlled much of the East African coast from the 11th to the 15th centuries C.E.

What was life like in Great Zimbabwe?

At its largest Great Zimbabwe had a population of between 10 000 and 20 000 people. Most of them lived far away from the main stone buildings, with only 200 to 300 royals and advisers living inside the main city, which was the centre of their society.

What still stands in Great Zimbabwe today?

Some believe that religion triggered the city’s rise to power, and that the tall tower was used for worship. The people of Great Zimbabwe most likely worshipped Mwari, the supreme god in the Shona religion. … The Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe has declined, but the House of Rock still stands.

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What is the Great Zimbabwe Brainly?

Answer: The Center of a huge trading empire.

What happened to Great Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe was largely abandoned during the 15th century. With the city’s decline, its stoneworking and pottery-making techniques seem to have transferred southward to Khami (now also in ruins).

Why was the coastal city of Sofala important to the growth and strength of Great Zimbabwe?

The coastal city of Sofala was important to the growth and strength of Great Zimbabwe because it was there that they could bring their gold and got wealthy.

What does the word Zimbabwe mean quizlet?

The word Zimbabwe. * Named by the African people who lived near the ruins (the Shona) * Means “sacred houses” in Bantu (Shona language) * 1980 Zimbabwe (country) took its name from these ruins after gaining independence from Britain.

What is one theory as to the abandonment of Great Zimbabwe quizlet?

similarities of languages. what is one theory as to the abandonment of Great Zimbabwe? the people depleted the natural resources and moved on.

Is Lake Tanganyika most important to Africans quizlet?

Lake Tanganyika most important to Africans because it is a source of food and transportation.

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