Who brought hiplife to Ghana?

Launched on an independent label called KASSA RECORDS that he partly owns, Reggie Rockstone has reached Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians across four continents Reggie Rockstone is credited as the pioneer of hiplife or Kasahara music in Ghana and like some masters of the art of hip hop, he has proclaimed his retirement and …

Who brought rap to Ghana?

The hiphop genre came into existence in Ghana through Reggie Rockstone, who is known as the hiplife father and other notable musicians such as Jayso and Ball J. It first came to Ghana as Hiplife where Reggie Rockstone introduced a fusion of hiphop beats with African sounds to create a whole new genre.

Who started Hiplife in Ghana?

Reggie Rockstone pioneered the Hiplife movement in 1994 and started popularising it in the subsequent years. Reggie as the godfather of Hiplife was well-known for glitz, glam and swagger as a Hiplife artiste.

Where did hiplife come from?

Hiplife is a Ghanaian musical style that fuses Ghanaian culture and hip hop.

Stylistic origins Highlife hip hop reggaeton
Cultural origins 1990s, Ghana
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Who is the originator of hiplife?

Reggie Rockstone, considered by many to be the originator of hiplife music, was mentoring a young group of rap artists called the Mobile Boys and entered them in the competition.

Who is the most beautiful girl in Ghana?

Soraya Mensah is very beautiful and currently number 10 on our list of top 10 most beautiful actresses in Ghana.

  • Okawa Shaznay. …
  • Zynnel Zuh. …
  • Martha Ankomah. …
  • Yvonne Okoro. …
  • Yvonne Nelson. …
  • Jackie Appiah. …
  • Nadia Buari. …
  • Juliet Ibrahim.


Who is the richest man in the Ghana?

Charles Ampofo – $1.46 billion

Charles Ampofo is the richest man in Ghana, with a net worth of $1.46 billion.

Who is the best rapper in Ghana?

Check out the top 10 rappers making it big time in the Ghanaian rap industry.

  • Sarkodie. Sarkodie’s real name is Michael Owusu Addo. …
  • Medikal. Samuel Adu Frimpong is popularly known as Medikal. …
  • Strongman Burner. The real name of Strongman Burner is Osei Kwaku Vincent. …
  • Eno Barony. …
  • Okyeame Kwame. …
  • Kwesi Arthur. …
  • Manifest. …
  • Samini.

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Who is the best hip hop artist in Ghana?


Sarkodie has 275k streams on Spotify and an average of 514k views on Youtube in 2020 so far. He recently won the best rap performance award at #Music awards 202 and 4 other honors. Sarkodie is still keeping his position as the most awarded artiste in Ghana.

What kind of music do people listen to in Ghana?

There are four main types of music heard in Ghana today: Contemporary music, Traditional music, Gospel music and Imported music.

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Who is Ricky Osei?

Rockstone is the son of fashion designer Ricky “Ricci” Ossei (Saint Ossei).

Reggie Rockstone
Birth name Reginald Yaw Asante Osei
Also known as Hip life Grand papa
Genres Hip hop, Hiplife
Occupation(s) Rapper, entrepreneur, producer

How old is obrafour?

About 45 years (1976)

What is Ghana hiplife?

Hiplife is a popular music genre in Ghana that mixes hip-hop beatmaking and rap with highlife music, proverbial speech, and Akan storytelling. In the 1990s, young Ghanaian musicians were drawn to hip-hop’s dual ethos of black masculine empowerment and capitalist success.

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