Which town is the largest in Ghana?

rank Settlement Region
1. Accra Greater Accra
2. Kumasi Ashanti
3. Tamale Northern
4. Sekondi-Takoradi Western

Which is bigger Kumasi or Accra?

Accra is Ghana’s largest city and the nation’s capital. Ghana is a West African country located along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Biggest Cities In Ghana.

Rank Biggest Cities in Ghana Population
1 Accra 2,291,352
2 Kumasi 2,069,350
3 Sekondi-Takoradi 445,205
4 Sunyani 248,496

What is the richest city in Ghana?

Accra, the capital city of Ghana has been ranked the 10th wealthiest city in Africa. No other Ghanaian city was ranked in a list of the 23 wealthiest African cities which was contained in a report published by AfrAsia Bank and New World Wealth.

What’s the main city in Ghana?


What is the nicest city in Ghana?

  • Accra.
  • Kumasi.
  • Cape Coast.
  • Tamale.
  • Tema.
  • Koforidua.
  • Teshie.
  • Sekondi.

Which region is the cleanest in Ghana?

Volta Region needs to be awarded the cleanest region in Ghana – HE Andrews. The Australian High Commissioner, Ghana His Excellency Gregory Andrews has lauded people of the Volta Region for their commitment to keeping their environments clean.

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Which is the biggest in Ghana?

The West African nation of Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s capital and largest city is Accra, which is situated on the Atlantic coast and has an urban population of almost three million.


Name 2021 Population
Accra 1,963,264
Kumasi 1,468,609
Tamale 360,579
Takoradi 232,919

What is the poorest city in Ghana?

Among the districts in Ghana, East Gonja in the Northern Region stands out as the district with most of the poor persons.

What is the cleanest city in Ghana?

Ho is the cleanest city in Ghana – Salaga MP.

Where do rich people hang out in Ghana?

Let’s run through them;

  • Airport Residential Area. Airport Residential Area is located to the north-east of Accra Central. …
  • Cantonments. Cantonments is an affluent suburb of the Ghanaian city Accra, in the La Dade Kotopon Municipal District, a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.
  • East Legon. …
  • West Legon. …
  • Roman Ridge.


What is Accra Ghana famous for?

Ghana’s port city of Accra is the commercial hub of the country. It is also Ghana’s most populated city and the seat of its government. The country’s oldest university, The University of Ghana, is located in the suburb of Legon.

Is Ghana a city or town?

Ghana covers an area of 238,535 km2 (92,099 sq mi), with a population of 31 million. It is the second-most populous country in West Africa, after Nigeria; and Accra is its capital and largest city. The first permanent state in the territory of present-day Ghana dates back to the 11th century, the Bono State.

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Which city has the highest population in Ghana?

List of settlements in Ghana by population

rank Settlement 2013 estimate
1. Accra 2,291,352
2. Kumasi 2,069,350
3. Tamale 562,919
4. Sekondi-Takoradi 539,548

Where is the best place to live in Ghana?

8 Best Places to Live in Accra, Ghana

  • 1 – Airport Residential Area, Accra. Airport Residential Area is 5 minutes’ drive west of Kotoka International Airport and the finest place to live in Accra. …
  • 2 – Cantonments, Accra. …
  • 3) Osu, Accra. …
  • 4) Labone, Accra. …
  • 5) Roman Ridge, Accra. …
  • 6) East Legon, Accra. …
  • 7) West Legon, Accra. …
  • 8) Dzorwulu, Accra.

Is Ghana a beautiful country?

Ghana is a beautiful cultural-filled country located in the western part of Africa. It is a small country that has impressive tourist sites to show the world. … There are 14 regions in Ghana, but it is mainly divided into the Northern and Southern parts. There are beautiful places in Ghana in almost every area.

Which region is most beautiful in Ghana?

Volta Region Ghana is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is also the location where each Kente Style Tie is handmade.

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