Which is the highest job group in Kenya?

The salary scale in Kenya for people in job group D5 is between Ksh. 150,202 and Ksh. 198,267. Since it is amongst the highest job groups in Kenya, prospective employees ought to have the required experience and exposure in their sectors.

How Much Does Job Group F earn in Kenya?

Teachers Salaries & Allowances – 2015/16

Civil Service Job Group Basic Salary
E 11,370 13,140
F 12,510 16,050
G 16,692 21,304
H 19,323 24,662

Which is the highest paying job in Kenya?

The highest paying jobs in Kenya are in the following sectors: banks, investment funds, telecommunication companies, and manufacturing sector companies.

  • Piloting. …
  • Architecture. …
  • Politics. …
  • Actuarial Science. …
  • Law. …
  • Engineering. …
  • Media. …
  • Lecturer. If you are patient enough to study for a Ph.

What are job groups?

What are Job Groups? Workforce Planning Job Groups are groups of job classes that are linked by a common purpose, skill set, or education or certification requirement. They allow us to more precisely identify the availability for that type of work.

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How much does a Kenyan Chief earn per month?

35,000 per month while Chief’s salary ranges between Ksh. 35,000 to Ksh. 55,000.

How much does a DC earn in Kenya?

Basic Salary Scale: Ksh. 77,527 – Ksh. 98,947 p.m.

How much does a clerical officer earn in Kenya?

Clerical Officer – 80 positions Job Type: Full Time Qualification: OND Location: Nairobi Job Field: Administration / Secretarial Salaries and other Benefits Basic Salary Scale: Kshs. 12,510×630 -13,140×660-13,800×720-14,520×750-IS,270×810-16,080 p.m (Job…

Which is the best tribe to marry in Kenya?

Luhya and Luos are the best examples of ethnic groups whose marriages end up successful. The two ethnic groups have long enjoyed a noble relationship as neighbors and often refer to each other as mashemeji. Besides being hardworking, there are several facts about Luhya ladies that makes them ideal wives.

Which jobs are in demand in Kenya?

Here is a list of careers in high demand you may wish to consider in Kenya:


What jobs will disappear by 2030?

5 jobs that will disappear by 2030

  • Travel agent. It amazes me that a travel agent is still a job in 2020. …
  • Taxi drivers. …
  • Store cashiers. …
  • Fast food cooks. …
  • Administrative legal jobs. …
  • Lawyer. …
  • HR roles. …
  • Tradespeople.


Who are Group A employees?

Class I or Group A (Gazetted)

These officials belong to the managerial or highest class of government employees who are placed in Level 10 and above in Pay matrices, Previously in the pay band 3 with 5400 grade pay and above in 6th CPC and Level 10 and 9 above in Pay Matrix in 7th CPC pay structure.

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What is group A and group B?

The Group A officers are appointed by the President of India and appointments to Group B are made by the authorities specified by a general or special order of the President.

How can I get Group A job in railway?

Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE) Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers(IRSME)

Recruitment of Group ‘A’ Officers are made through:

  1. Competitive examination held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Promotion of officers in Group B.
  2. Promotion of Officers from Group ‘B’ Service.

How much is a Chiefs salary?

Contracted Players (90 total)

Player Base Salary Guaranteed Salary
Chris Jones $1,000,000 $21,500,000
Travis Kelce $5,250,000 $5,250,000
Patrick Mahomes $990,000 $990,000

Who is a sub chief?

: a chief who is subordinate to another chief A fairly complex political system was developed with a head chief in the main town and a subchief in each village.— Barbara A. Leitch.

What are the functions of Assistant Chief?

It shall be the duty of every chief or assistant chief to maintain order in the area in respect of which he is appointed, and for such purpose he shall have and exercise the jurisdiction and powers by this Act conferred upon him over persons residing or being within such area. [Act No.

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