Which is the cheapest MiFi in Nigeria?

How much is the cheapest MiFi in Nigeria?

Best Cheapest MiFi Devices in Nigeria & Prices (May, 2021)

  • Airtel LTE MiFi (₦8,500 – ₦12,500)
  • ZTE Universal Mobile MiFi (₦12,500 – ₦25,000)
  • Huawei Glo 4G MiFi (₦11,000 – ₦14,000)
  • JioFi 4G LTE Mifi (₦13,000 – ₦15,000)
  • 9Mobile 4G LTE MiFi (₦17,000 – ₦20,000)
  • MTN 4G LTE MiFi (₦15,000 – ₦20,000)
  • Harvilon LTE 4G MiFi (₦15,500 – ₦18,000)


How much does a MiFi cost in Nigeria?

4G MIFI Router Price List in Nigeria (2021)

4G MIFI Routers in Nigeria Price
Huawei Glo 4G LTE MiFi Wifi ₦14,990
Spectranet Evo Mifi + 60GB ₦20,400
SWIFT 4G MiFi ₦22,500
9mobile 4G Mifi ₦17,000

How much is MTN MiFi in Nigeria?

MTN MIfi cost N12,000 with free 30GB data (valid for 30 days) upon purchase and activation. After activation of the MiFi, you will get a 100% bonus on data bundles below N5000 purchased for 6 months.

What is the cheapest WiFi in Nigeria?


  • AIRTEL 4G LTE MIFI (₦10,000 – ₦12,500) …
  • HUAWEI GLO 4G LTE MIFI (₦11,000 – ₦14,000) …
  • JIOFI 4G LTE MIFI (₦13,000 – ₦15,000) …
  • ZTE UNIVERSAL MOBILE MIFI (₦13,000 – ₦25,000) …
  • SMILE 4G LTE MIFI (₦13,500 – ₦20,000) …
  • MTN 4G LTE MIFI (₦15,000 – ₦20,000)
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How much is MiFi per month?

How much does MiFi cost?

Provider Starting price (for data) Device cost
AT&T $25/mo. $509.99
T-Mobile $5/mo. $336.00
Verizon $20/mo. $199.99

Which is better spectranet or Swift?

In a speed test conducted using the Ookla speed test app at Ikeja in Lagos State, Spectranet 4g-LTE recorded a higher download speed of 11 mbps compared to swift 4g-LTE’s 8.9 mbps and Smile Network’s 8.2 mbps and cut a clear win during a download test of a 200mb file using the popular Download Accelerator Plus (DAP10) …

How much is Airtel MiFi in Nigeria?

The best price for the Airtel 4G LTE MiFi WiFi in Nigeria is ₦ 27000 sold at Jumia and available with free shipping and delivery within 1-6 Days (Fashion Items) 3-8 Days for other products.

Is there WiFi in Nigeria?

In most cases, you have unlimited use of WiFi for free. Depending on where you are, you may be able to find WiFi on local public transportation. In major cities, buses and trains are usually equipped with it. You will likely need to agree to the terms and conditions before using WiFi on public transportation.

Which MiFi is best?

The Best MiFi Devices for 2020

  • ZTE Velocity Mobile Wifi Hotspot 4G LTE Router MF923.
  • GlocalMe G4 4G LTE Hotspot.
  • Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 GSM Unlocked.

Which is better WiFi or MiFi?

Simply put, the main difference between WiFi and MiFi is that MiFi is actually an internet device that has WiFi built in to it, while WiFi is a wireless networking standard. A MiFi device can be connected to a cellular network and provide internet access for up to ten devices.

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How much is the MTN 4G MiFi?

TurboNet is suitable for both home and office and can be purchased at MTN Service Centers for Ghc 499. Device features: Connect up to 32 users at a time. Plug & Play 4G router.

How much does smile MiFi cost?

Smile MiFi Router: This includes One MiFi router, one SIM and 5GB data. It costs ₦5,000 and you can buy it together with an unlimited data bundle which costs about ₦19,800 making the total cost 24,800 Naira or with a 5 GB Anytime data + 10 GB Night and Weekend data for 30 days at a total cost of 12,500 Naira.

Does unlimited WiFi end?

Basically you have unlimited wifi without the service ever been disconnected once you reach a specific data limit. Many internet service providers offer unlimited internet that comes with a “soft” limit.

How much does unlimited WiFi cost?

Internet providers with unlimited Wi-Fi plans

Providers Starting price Speeds up to
Spectrum $49.99/mo.* 200 Mbps
T-Mobile $60.00/mo. 100 Mbps
Verizon Fios $39.99/mo* 200 Mbps
Windstream $19.99/mo.* 25 Mbps

Which is the best WiFi in Nigeria?

Top 20 Fastest Internet Service Providers in Nigeria

  • GLOBACOM LIMITED – 5.48 Mbps.
  • HYPERIA LTD – 3.74 Mbps.
  • UGO – 2.60 Mbps.
  • COBRANET LIMITED – 2.46 Mbps.
  • GLOBACOM LTD – 2.40 Mbps.
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