Which is the biggest city in Kenya?

Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya.

Which is the third largest city in Kenya?

Kenya – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Nairobi , Nairobi Area 2,750,547
2 Mombasa , Mombasa 799,668
3 Nakuru , Nakuru 259,903
4 Eldoret , Uasin Gishu 218,446

What are the 5 largest cities in Kenya?


City Country Population
Nairobi Kenya 2,750,547
Mombasa Kenya 799,668
Nakuru Kenya 259,903
Eldoret Kenya 218,446

Which is the third city in Kenya?

There are only 3 incorporated cities – Nairobi, the capital, Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya and Kisumu however, there are numerous municipalities and towns with significant urban populations.

What is the richest city in Kenya?

Nairobi, with a contribution of 21.7 percent to the overall GDP, is by far Kenya’s richest county, according to a new Kenya National Bureau of Statistics listing. The capital city is more than three-and-a-half times larger in economic terms than Nakuru, the second-richest county with a 6.1 percent share of the GDP.

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Which county is biggest in Kenya?

Turkana is the largest county in Kenya in size with approximate geographical extent coverage of 68,680.3 square kilometers. 64, 782.3 square kilometers of this area is covered by dry land, while the other 6, 805.5 square kilometers is covered by water. Turkana is approximately 13% of the entire country.

Which is the oldest town in Kenya?

Lamu Town on Lamu Island is Kenya’s oldest continually inhabited town, and was one of the original Swahili settlements along coastal East Africa. It is believed to have been established in 1370.

What are three major Kenyan cities?

In Kenya there are only three incorporated cities including the capital and largest city, Nairobi, the second largest and the coastal city of Mombasa, and the third largest and inland port city of Kisumu.

Which is the fastest growing town in Kenya?

10 Of Kenya’s Fastest Growing Towns

  • 1.Mombasa.
  • 2.Eldoret.
  • 3.Nakuru.
  • 4.Naivasha.
  • 5.Thika.
  • 6.Kisumu.
  • 7.Machakos town.
  • 8.Kitengela.


Which is the fourth largest city in Kenya?

Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city.

Is there a city called Kenya?

Kenya Cities. Kenya cities| Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu: Cities of Kenya; Kenya is a state found in East Africa officially called the Republic of Kenya. It covers an area of 580,367 square kilometers making it the 48th largest country in the world with a population of over 52.2 million people.

What country was Mombasa in before Kenya?

Many workers were brought in from British India to build the railway, and the city’s fortunes revived. The Sultan of Zanzibar formally presented the town to the British in 1898. Mombasa became the capital of the Kenya Colony Protectorate of Kenya, sometime between 1887 and around 1906.

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Where should I live in Nakuru?

Best Estates To Live In Nakuru

  • Milimani. You will find that many expatriates, tourists and dual citizens have made the Milimani area in Nakuru their second home. …
  • Section 58. This is perhaps second in hierarchy after Milimani Estate. …
  • White House. …
  • Kabarak. …
  • Greensteds.


Where do billionaires live in Kenya?

Tigoni in Kiambu and Miotoni in Karen, Nairobi are emerging as the most sought-after neighbourhoods among Kenya’s super-rich, a new wealth report reveals.

Where do the rich live in Kenya?

Nairobi holds up most of the richest neighbourhoods in the country. The 2020 Land Price Index Quarter 2 report released by HassConsult Real Estate showed the staggering prices tagged on properties in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs.

Which is the richest country in Kenya?

List of counties by GDP per capita

Rank County Equivalent country
1 Nyandarua County Laos
2 Elgeyo-Marakwet County Samoa
3 Nairobi County Myanmar
4 Mombasa County Pakistan
Across the Sahara