Which is the best studio in Kenya?

Who is the best producer in Kenya 2020?

Vicky Pon Dis is hands down the best Music Producer in Kenya and he is known to have been behind so many hits and has held a reputable brand “Simba Sound Records” on his recording label, many producers like “Magix Enga” who recently launched his own brand “Magix Empire” have passed through his record label and has …

How much does it cost to record a song in the studio in Kenya?

Basically, the price of getting your music recorded will depend on who you go to and where they are located. For instance, producers that offer recording services in Nairobi and at the same time tend to have vast experience in the field will charge you from 20-40k per song.

How much does it cost to produce a song in Kenya?

Music video production in Kenya and especially in Nairobi ranges from 40, 000 – 150,000 Kenya shillings. The price exempts the choice of location, transport, props, extras and the other logistics involved. Sometimes, the producers will accept an offer or give in to a price that’s lower than 20,000 shillings.

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How much does a recording studio charge?

Music studios vary greatly in quality and affordability. Booking time in a good professional studio can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 dollars an hour. Keep in mind you usually get what you pay for when it comes to recording studios. Most studios do include an audio engineer as part of their hourly rate.

Who is the best Gengetone artist in Kenya?

10 most famous Gengetone artists of 2020

  • The 2 year old genre has been hitting the airwaves in the past 2 years. Since the first hit song lamba lolo, more and more Gengetone hits have been released taking over the traditional genres in Kenya. …
  • Sylvia Sarru.
  • Chris Kaiga.
  • Wakali Wao.
  • Matata Music Group.
  • Mejja Genge.
  • Mbogi Genje.
  • Sailors Music Group.

Who is the youngest music producers in Kenya?

The Top 3 Youngest Kenyan Producers Behind Trending Gengetone Hits

  • Magix Enga- The Beat King. Magix enga. The Beatking is in his mid 20’s and already rubbing (grazing) shoulders with the pioneers in the music industry. …
  • Motif de Don. Motif di don. …
  • Jones Achido aka VdJ Jones.

How much does it cost to start a studio in Kenya?

“A standard studio set-up will cost you at least Sh300,000, depending on what you want,” says Eugine. “I did several jobs to raise the money and also obtained a credit facility from a bank.”

How much should I charge to produce a song?

The producer’s up-front fee will vary (usually from $250 to $10,000 per song), based on his or her experience and success, your artist’s level of success, and the number of songs to be recorded. The fee also can be influenced by whether the label is a local, national independent, or major record company.

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How do Kenyan music make money?

Lucrative Ways to Earn as a Musician in Kenya

  1. YouTube Channel. You can earn extra income by uploading your music on a YouTube channel. …
  2. Selling Merchandise. …
  3. Live Performances. …
  4. Royalties and Licenses. …
  5. Selling Songs in CDs and DVDs. …
  6. Digital Sales. …
  7. Marketing Brands. …
  8. Ringback Tunes.


What do I need to know before going to a studio?

10 Things You Should Know Before Going Into a Recording Studio for the First Time

  • Make a plan with your engineer/producer. …
  • Be prepared. …
  • Keep within your budget. …
  • Don’t be afraid to bring in some of your own recordings. …
  • Bring references. …
  • Don’t get all f*&#ed up. …
  • Don’t let your session get too crowded.


How long does it take to record a song?

It is always recommended to play the song live on your own or as part of a band. Recording a song can take anything from an hour to a full day in a studio. It depends on what elements you want to record live. For example, is it just vocals or are there other instruments you want to record for your song.

How much money can a music producer make?

According to payscale.com, Music Producers average salary is $50,986. Now, it is important to understand this figure is an average. The pay scale they list ranges from the low-end of $29,000 to the high-end of $99,000.

Why is studio time so expensive?

Everything from microphones, to different instruments, amplifiers for all of those instruments, effects processors, recording equipment, consoles, computers, etc. So when you use a recording studio, you are paying to use all of this equipment. But more importantly you are paying for the engineer’s time and expertise.

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Is owning a recording studio profitable?

The investment required to start a sound recording studio is gigantic. However, the profits that the business can potentially generate are even larger. A recording studio can potentially exceed $100,000 per year in profit after wages, expenses and taxes. …

How much should I charge for mixing?

Someone with better mixing chops than you but starting out professionally might charge around $200-300 per song. For $400-600 you can get a fantastic mix from an engineer with some recognized credits.

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