Where is Robusta coffee grown Uganda?

Robusta Coffee is grown in the low altitude areas of Central, Eastern, Western and South Eastern Uganda up to 1,200 meters above sea level. Arabica coffee on the other hand is grown in the highland areas on the slopes of Mount Elgon in the East and Mt. Rwenzori and Mt.

Which type of coffee is grown in Uganda?

Uganda produces two types of coffee (Robusta and Arabica) in a ratio of 4:1. For Robusta, there are two varieties, Nganda and Erecta.

Where are Robusta beans grown?

Robusta is grown exclusively in the Eastern Hemisphere, primarily in Africa and Indonesia.

Does Uganda have good coffee?

Uganda coffee was ranked 3rd best in the world behind Ethiopia and Kenya by professional coffee tasters in a survey of the top 16 coffee-growing countries in the world. The coffee tasters graded 1,229 coffees from around the world that was harvested from 2010 to 2018 with the top three spots going to African countries.

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How many coffee farmers are there in Uganda?

Coffee is a major crop in Uganda, employing about 1.7 million smallholder farmers. The country is unique in that it grows the world’s two major commercial coffee species, Robusta and Arabica.

Is coffee grown in Uganda?

Coffee is Uganda’s top-earning export crop. In 1989 Uganda’s coffee production capacity exceeded its quota of 2.3 million bags, but export volumes were still diminished by economic and security problems, and large amounts of coffee beans were still being smuggled out of Uganda for sale in neighbouring countries.

Does Uganda produce coffee?

Production, 158.56 million bags in Coffee Year 2017/18 (Arabica-97.16 million bags and Robusta-61.4 million bags. Uganda is the 8th Coffee Producing country globally.

What coffee does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s Coffee Is Gourmet

Gaviña is the coffee supplier for McDonald’s and they use a blend of arabica coffee beans grown in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

Do robusta beans have more caffeine?

2. One reason that the taste isn’t as good for Robusta is that it has more caffeine compared to Arabica. … In fact the Robusta bean has 2.7% caffeine content, almost double the 1.5% of Arabica.

Is Starbucks Coffee arabica or robusta?

Starbucks purchases only high-quality Arabica beans cultivated at high altitudes. We do not buy Robusta beans, which grow at lower elevations and have less-refined flavor characteristics.

What is the best coffee in Uganda?

While on your business trip to Africa , stop by and take some of the finest coffee in the World from one of these Top Uganda Baristas.

  • Café Pap.
  • Good African Coffee.
  • 1000 Cups Coffee House.
  • Café Ballet.
  • and Ban Café
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How much is processed coffee in Uganda?

According to the price noticeboard at Uganda Coffee Development Authority-UCDA, a kilogram of processed coffee beans-FAQ varies between shillings 3,900 to 4,300 while unprocessed coffee commonly as Kiboko costs between 2,000 to 2,200 shillings.

What does Uganda coffee taste like?

In the cup, Uganda’s washed coffees bring satiny body and ripe stone fruit tones, along with a delicate touch of red berry and a buttery finish. The best natural coffees feature a lush dark berry jam flavor and mouthfeel, and clean nougat-like mid tones.

Is coffee growing profitable in Uganda?

Coffee is Uganda’s leading foreign exchange earner generating more than $422.4m (Shs1. 6trillion) every year, and in 2012, the country produced three million 60-kg bags, most of it by smallholder farmers.

Is coffee farming profitable?

A farm of this size and productivity level would harvest 45 bags a year. This represents an annual profit of US $2,227, or US $185 per month.

How much can I earn from an acre of coffee in Uganda?

Elite Robusta coffee yield will give you a minimum of 5kg per plant e.g. 2,250kg per season, with a corresponding gross income of 5,625,000m shs per acre per season.

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