Where is Niger bridge located?

The River Niger Bridge in Onitsha (also known as the Onitsha Bridge), Anambra State, Nigeria connects southeastern Nigeria with western Nigeria over the Niger River. It is linked to Asaba in Delta State, Nigeria.

Where is 2nd Niger Bridge located?

Second Niger Bridge
Western Approach of the Second Niger Bridge
Locale Asaba, Nigeria
Maintained by Federal Ministry of Works and Housing
Website www.second-river-niger-bridge.com

Which state is River Niger located in Nigeria?

Its source is in the Guinea Highlands in southeastern Guinea near the Sierra Leone border. It runs in a crescent through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging through a massive delta, known as the Niger Delta (or the Oil Rivers), into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

How old is River Niger Bridge?


Where was the River Niger located?

The Niger River is the principal river of western Africa, extending over 2500 miles (about 4000 km). It runs in a crescent through Guinea, Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging through a massive delta, known as the Oil Rivers, into the Gulf of Guinea.

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Which company built the first Niger Bridge?

Feasibility studies and design considerations on the possibility of constructing a bridge across River Niger from Asaba to Onitsha was carried out by the Netherlands Engineering Consultants of The Hague, Holland (NEDECO) in the 1950s, Between 1964 and 1965, French construction giant, Dumez, constructed the Niger Bridge …

How long is the Niger Bridge?


Which state has the biggest river in Nigeria?

Along with numerous other rivers, these are the longest rivers in Nigeria.

  • Niger River. The Niger River is the longest river passing through Nigeria, and also the longest river in West Africa. …
  • Benue. …
  • Kaduna. …
  • Gongola.


Why is the Niger river dangerous?

The health hazards become most serious during the rains, which bring flooding and a sharp rise in water-born diseases. Cholera outbreaks are common. Every year hundreds of people die from this severe diarrhoeal disease which is spread through contaminated water.

What animals live in Niger river?

Many varieties of fish are found in the Niger and its tributaries; the chief food species are catfish, carp, and Nile perch. Other Niger fauna include hippopotamuses, at least three different types of crocodiles (including the much-feared Nile crocodile), and a variety of lizards. There is a rich collection of birds.

How wide is River Niger?

Some 250 miles (400 km) downstream from Timbuktu, a rocky ridge that obstructs the course of the river is pierced by a defile (narrow gorge) more than a mile long, with an average width of about 800 feet (240 metres) and a depth of more than 100 feet (30 metres) in places.

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What is River Bridge?

RiverBridge aims to be the bridge between the aspiring corporates and mainstream financial investors. RiverBridge seeks to bring in its rich expertise in the financial services domain to assist companies in accessing capital – venture capital, private equity, debt, mezzanine funds.

Who constructed Jebba bridge?

During the reign of Oba Bakare as the Ajebaba of Jebba, the whole of Jebba land witnessed a lot of development and happenings such as the arrival of Royal Niger Company to Jebba, the construction of Jebba bridge linking both the south and the North, the creation of Ilorin Province, the appointment of District Heads and …

How did Niger get its name?

The country takes its name from the Niger River, which flows through the southwestern part of its territory. The name Niger derives in turn from the phrase gher n-gheren, meaning “river among rivers,” in the Tamashek language.

What is the longest river in West Africa?

The Niger River, with a total length of about 4100 km, is the third-longest river in Africa, after the Nile and the Congo/Zaire Rivers, and the longest and largest river in West Africa.

Is Nigeria named after a river?

The name came about from the combination of their acronymns. predominant ethnic group in the state. It was named for the delta of the River Niger formed as it enters the Atlantic Ocean. Named after the dialect of Fulani language (Fulfulde) spoken in the area ‘Gombe’.

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