Where does River Niger and River Benue meet?

The town Lokoja is the capital city of Kogi State in Nigeria located in the North-central part of Nigeria with over 60,000 people. Lokoja is privilege to be the place where river Niger and river Benue converges.

Does River Niger and River Benue mix together?

The most important tributary is the Benue River which merges with the Niger at Lokoja in Nigeria.

Where is the source of River Niger and Benue?

It rises in the Adamawa Plateau of northern Cameroon, from where it flows west, and through the town of Garoua and Lagdo Reservoir, into Nigeria south of the Mandara mountains, and through Jimeta, Ibi and Makurdi before meeting the Niger River at Lokoja.

Where is River Benue located in Nigeria?

Benue River, near Jimeta, Nigeria.

What is the place where two rivers meet called?

In geography, a confluence (also: conflux) occurs where two or more flowing bodies of water join together to form a single channel.

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Why is the Niger river dangerous?

The health hazards become most serious during the rains, which bring flooding and a sharp rise in water-born diseases. Cholera outbreaks are common. Every year hundreds of people die from this severe diarrhoeal disease which is spread through contaminated water.

Who named River Niger?

The Niger is believed to have been named by the Greeks. Along its course it is known by several names. These include the Joliba (Malinke: “great river”) in its upper course; the Mayo Balleo and the Isa Eghirren in its central reach; and the Kwarra, Kworra, or Quorra in its lower stretch.

Where is the end of River Niger?


What animals live in the Niger River?

Many varieties of fish are found in the Niger and its tributaries; the chief food species are catfish, carp, and Nile perch. Other Niger fauna include hippopotamuses, at least three different types of crocodiles (including the much-feared Nile crocodile), and a variety of lizards. There is a rich collection of birds.

Is River Niger bigger than River Benue?

River Niger is retained as the name of the river that flows southward after the confluence of river Niger and river Benue because it’s the bigger river. Some researchers actually refer to river Benue as a tributary of river Niger, this is not true as river Benue has its own source which is Adamawa plateau.

What is the difference between River Niger and River Benue?

While River Niger is brownish in colour, River Benue is light green in colour. Fishing is carried on extensively on the rivers. There are ferry and boat services plus cruising facilities within view of the confluence.

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Why is Lokoja called a confluence town?

Kogi State is nicknamed the “Confluence State” due the fact that the confluence of the River Niger and the River Benue occurs in its capital, Lokoja. Due to its strategic position in the middle of the country and its access to these major rivers, Kogi State is a key center of commercial trade in Nigeria.

Where is the confluence city in Nigeria?

Lokoja is a city in Nigeria. It lies at the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers and is the capital of Kogi State.

Nickname(s): The Pittsburgh of Africa, The Confluence Town
Coordinates: 07°48′07″N 06°44′39″ECoordinates: 07°48′07″N 06°44′39″E
Country Nigeria

Can two rivers cross?

The unique hydrological phenomenon takes place near the Polish town Wągrowiec. Two rivers – Wełna and Nielba – cross each other without having their waters mixed and continue to flow in separate beds. The researchers have once colored the water of the rivers in different colors and the paint didn’t mix.

Which river is formed by the joining of two rivers?

Of special significance is Devprayag. This is the prayag where the two rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet and is called Ganges from this place onwards.

Which river is named after the two rivers that meet to format?

The two rivers are ”Alaknanda”and ”Bhagirathi”which join To form river Ganga.

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