What language is spoken in Douala Cameroon?

Douala is a Bantu language. Eton is a Bantu language spoken by the Eton people of Cameroon. Ewondo or ”Kolo” is a language spoken in the southern part of Cameroon. It is a lingua franca used mainly by emigrant workers in the central region of the country.

What is the main language spoken in Cameroon?

Камерун/Официальные языки

Is Swahili spoken in Cameroon?

While many people in Cameroon speak Pidgin English, English and French are the official languages in Cameroon: there are over 600 indigenous languages spoken throughout the country. … The most widely spoken by total number of speakers is Swahili.

What is Douala known for?

Douala served as the capital of the German Kamerun protectorate from 1884 to 1902. It again served as the capital of Cameroon in 1940–46. With its mixture of traditional, colonial, and modern architecture, Douala has grown rapidly since World War II and is the most populous city in the republic.

What language is Duala?

Duala (Duálá)

Duala, which is known as Douala in French, is a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon by about 87,700 people. Duala first appeared in writing in 1862 in a translation of the Bible.

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What is Cameroon most famous for?

Its cities with largest populations are Douala on the Wouri River, its economic capital and main seaport; Yaoundé, its political capital; and Garoua. Cameroon is well known for its native music styles, particularly Makossa and Bikutsi, and for its successful national football team.

Why is Cameroon so poor?

Two causes of poverty in Cameroon and reasons for the gap between rural and urban poverty are a lack of infrastructure and an education system that fails to develop alongside shifting labor needs. As the IMF noted in a 2014 survey, “the country’s infrastructure indicators trail those of regional peers.

Is Cameroon a safe country?

Generally speaking, Cameroon isn’t a safe country. It has its fair share of street crime, terrorism, diseases and natural hazards. If you do travel there, apply maximum measures of precaution in order to lessen the chances of something going wrong.

What race is Cameroon?

The country has been described as an “ethnic crossroads” because of its more than 200 different ethnic groups. There are three main linguistic groups: the Bantu-speaking peoples of the south, the Sudanic-speaking peoples of the north, and those who speak the Semi-Bantu languages, situated mainly in the west.

How do you say hello in Cameroon?


  1. French: Bonjour (Hello)
  2. English: Hello.


Is Douala safe?

Violent crime in Douala is rare (as opposed to other West African cities). Pickpocketing and bag-snatching are the only real dangers concerning one’s physical safety. Do not walk around with valuables (phone, camera, jewelry, expensive clothes). Only use a cheap phone when you are touring the city.

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Why is Douala Cameroon not liveable?

According to CNN, terrorism and political instability is a major factor causing most cities in the world to be least liveable. Cameroon’s economic capital Douala ranks at the 9th position amongst the least liveable cities in the globe according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

What is the largest city in Cameroon?

In 2005, approximately 1.91 million people lived in Douala, making it the biggest city in Cameroon.

Where is Cameroon in Africa?

Cameroon is located in western Africa. Cameroon is bordered by the Bight of Bonny, Gulf of New Guinea, Nigeria to the North, Chad and Central African Republic to the east, Republic of the Congo to the south and east, and Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the south.

Where is Anglophone Cameroon?

Anglophone Cameroonians are the people of various cultural backgrounds, most of who hail from the English-speaking regions of Cameroon (Northwest and Southwest Regions). These regions were formerly known as British Southern Cameroons, being part of the League of Nations mandate and United Nations Trust Territories.

Where did Bantu language originated?

Origin. The Bantu languages descend from a common Proto-Bantu language, which is believed to have been spoken in what is now Cameroon in Central Africa.

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