What is the Yoruba name for sandalwood powder?

Camwood is also known as African Sandalwood or Osun in yoruba. It is a shrubby, leguminous, hard-wooded tree from Central West Africa. Camwood powder is a red powder that comes from the Camwood tree.

What is sandalwood powder in Yoruba?

Camwood or African Sandalwood. Purely Camwood: 100% natural derived from African Camwood tree bark. Yoruba people refer to it as “Osun” and it is one of the key ingredients in many African black soap formulas.

Is Sandalwood and camwood the same?

Baphia nitida, also known as camwood, barwood, and African sandalwood (although not a true sandalwood), is a shrubby, leguminous, hard-wooded tree from central west Africa. It is a small understorey, evergreen tree, often planted in villages, and known as osun in Yoruba.

What is camwood in Yoruba language?

Camwood (Baphia nitida) is a tree predominantly found in West Africa from Sierra Leone to Cameroon, and is also known as the African Sandalwood in English and Iyerosun in Yoruba.

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Can I use camwood in place of sandalwood?

The Camwood Powder can also be used by itself or added to varieties of natural skincare routine. So far, no oil has been produced from the Camwood unlike the Red Sandalwood but the same aesthetic and medicinal properties of the Camwood Powder can be achieved when infused in natural oils.

What are the benefits of sandalwood powder?

Healing Health Incentives Of Sandalwood Powder/ Oil

  • Promotes Skin Health. …
  • Sandalwood DIY Face Packs. …
  • Acne And Blackhead Removal Pack. …
  • Suntan and Pigmentation Pack. …
  • Fairer Skin Complexion Pack. …
  • Hair Health. …
  • Relaxant. …
  • Astringent Property.


Can we apply sandalwood on face daily?

Later wash it off with lukewarm water and enjoy radiant complexion. 6. It helps in removal of dark spots and reduces pigmentation. Prepare a simple pack with 2 tablespoons of red sandalwood and 2 tablespoon of milk and apply it everyday.

Does sandalwood darken the skin?

Does Sandalwood darken the skin? Enough scientific evidence is not available for the role of Sandalwood in causing skin darkening. However, some people might experience scar or hyperpigmentation on exposure to sunlight after applying Sandalwood[16].

What is Osun called in English?

Camwood (Baphia nitida) is a tree predominantly found in West Africa from Sierra Leone to Cameroon, and is also known as the African Sandalwood in English and Iyerosun in Yoruba.

How do you use sandalwood powder?

3 Simple Ways to use Sandalwood Powder

  1. Sandalwood Mud Mask. Sandalwood has been use in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and is commonly used in modern cosmetics. …
  2. Add Sandalwood Powder to Your Face Wash. Our Sandalwood Powder is great to add to your favourite face wash for a gentle exfoliant. …
  3. Burn Sandalwood Powder as Incense.
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What is cinnamon called in Yoruba?

Cinnamon is called Oloorun in Yoruba.

What is the meaning of Osun in Yoruba?

Oshun, also spelled Osun, an orisha (deity) of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. … Oshun is commonly called the river orisha, or goddess, in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.

What is coconut oil called in Yoruba?

Adiagbon, which can also be written and pronounced Adi Agbon is the Yoruba word for Coconut Oil.

What is the local name of sandalwood?

Santalum album
Genus: Santalum
Species: S. album
Binomial name
Santalum album L.

What is sandalwood powder?

Sandalwood is a virtual ware house of goodness and has antiseptic, astringent, anti inflammatory and disinfectant properties. The antiseptic quality of sandalwood benefits to treat rashes, acne, blackheads and other skin eruptions. Its germicidal quality inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Can I add rose water to my black soap?

Pour all your ingredients into a bowl, mix it thoroughly, it should be thick but not too thick, if it’s too thick, add some rose water or rise water. … To get your liquid black soap, break your solid black soap break into a bottle, pour in enough hot water, shake thoroughly and leave overnight, if you are in a haste.

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