What is the second city in Zambia?

Kitwe, city, northern Zambia, south-central Africa. It is the second largest city in Zambia and is the main industrial and commercial centre of the copper-belt region.

What is the 3rd largest city in Zambia?

Zambia – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Lusaka , Lusaka 1,267,440
2 Kitwe , Copperbelt 400,914
3 Ndola , Copperbelt 394,518
4 Kabwe , Central 188,979

How many cities do we have in Zambia?

Below is a list of 11 prominent cities in Zambia.

Zambia Cities Database.

city Kitwe
admin_name Copperbelt
population 504194
population_proper 504194

Which city is bigger between Kitwe and Ndola?

Kitwe is the second-most populous city with 517,543 people. Kitwe is also the country’s third-largest city in terms of infrastructure development and is one of the most developed commercial and industrial areas in Zambia. Ndola is Zambia’s third-most populous city, with 475,194 people.

What is the second largest city in?

Largest cities in the United States by population

100 Largest Cities By Population
Rank City Took office
1 New York, New York 2014
2 Los Angeles, California 2013
3 Chicago, Illinois 2019
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What’s the cleanest town in Zambia?

CHINGOLA, a predominantly mining town is now known as once cleanest town in Zambia’.

What is the poorest province in Zambia?

The province is bordered along the Luapula River, through Lake Mweru and to its north by DR Congo. Around 80.5 per cent of the population of Luapula is accounted as poor in 2010 census, making it the poorest of all provinces in Zambia.

Which place is Zambia?

Zambia, landlocked country in Africa. It is situated on a high plateau in south-central Africa and takes its name from the Zambezi River, which drains all but a small northern part of the country.

How many states has Zambia?

Provinces of Zambia

Zambian Provinces
Number 10 Provinces
Populations 711,657 (Muchinga) – 2,191,225 (Lusaka)
Areas 8,454 sq mi (21,896 km2) (Lusaka) – 48,798 sq mi (126,386 km2) (Western)
Government Government

What is the capital city of Zambia?


Which province has the highest population in Zambia 2020?

Total Population

Lusaka is the top region by population in Zambia. As of 2020, population in Lusaka was 3.36 million persons that accounts for 18.79% of Zambia’s population. The top 5 regions (others are Copperbelt, Southern, Eastern, and Central) account for 66.90% of it.

Is Ndola a town or city?

Ndola, city, capital of Copperbelt province, north-central Zambia. It is located on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo near Kitwe. Ndola is one of the largest cities in the country.

What is Zambia religion?

Religion of Zambia. Zambia is predominantly a Christian country, although few have totally abandoned all aspects of traditional belief systems. … More than three-fourths of Zambians identify as Protestant, while Roman Catholics make up one-fifth of the population.

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What is the busiest city in the world?

1. Tokyo, Japan. As of 2016, Tokyo is the most populated city on Earth. Known for its modern design, dedication to cutting-edge technology, and crowded streets, Tokyo has long had a reputation of being densely populated.

What is the largest city in the world 2020?

World City Populations 2021

Rank Name 2020 Population
1 Tokyo 37,393,128
2 Delhi 30,290,936
3 Shanghai 27,058,480
4 Sao Paulo 22,043,028

Which country has most city?

World rank City (caps denote capital cities) Country
1 Shanghai China
9 Tianjin China
12 Shenzhen China
Across the Sahara