What is the richest club in Zambia?

Zesco United Fc Is The Richest Club In Zambia.

Who is the richest club 2020?

World’s richest football clubs 2020: Barcelona replace Real Madrid at top of Deloitte Football Money League as Manchester United are left behind

  • (1) Barcelona.
  • (-1) Real Madrid.
  • Manchester United.
  • Bayern Munich.
  • (1) Paris Saint-Germain.
  • (-1) Manchester City.
  • Liverpool.
  • (2) Tottenham Hotspur.


Who is the best player in Zambia 2021?

Top scorers Zambia League 2020/21

RK Players Goals
1 º Friday Samu Green Buffaloes 13
2 º M. Phiri Zanaco 13
3 º Q. Kola Forest Rangers 9
4 º R. Kola Zanaco 8

What is the oldest football club in Zambia?

Nkana FC is one of Zambia’s oldest football clubs having been formed in 1935 in Kitwe’s Wusakile township. The club was founded under the name of Rhokana United FC before it changed to Nkana Red Devils.

Who is the richest championship club?


# club Value –
1 AFC Bournemouth £105.93m
2 Norwich City £103.39m
3 Brentford FC £99.14m
4 Watford FC £87.98m

Which club has the highest fans in the world 2020?

Spanish Giants, Real Madrid has the most fans in the world 2020. With a fan following of 237 million, Los Blancos tops the list of the football clubs with biggest global fanbase.

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Are Real Madrid in debt?

Real Madrid’s Annual General Meeting to close the club’s accounts for the 2019-20 season and approve them for the 2020-21 campaign was held online this year due to the coronavirus. … They have a gross debt of 730 million in the short-term, while Madrid’s is just 203 million.

Who is the youngest richest man in Zambia?

Spax Mulenga is has proven to be the youngest richest man in Zambia. Spax Mulenga had minimal education. He does not have high school qualifications, however, he managed to fend off competition and started diversifying into mining machinery.

Who is the richest man in Zambia 2021?

Hakainde Hichilema is the richest man in Zambia. He is Zambia’s second-largest cattle rancher.

Who is the richest man in Zambia 2020?

After evaluating wealth for richest men in Zambia, records showed Hakainde Hichilema to be richest man in Zambia today, leading the list in 2020 with net worth of $70 billion dallars.

Who is Nkana FC coach?

Nkana FC’s desperate bid to rescue their season starts on Saturday when they play a first game under new coach Beston Chambeshi following his return to the club for a fourth spell in charge.

Who owns Barcelona?

The club is owned by its club members

The FC Barcelona is one of the few clubs in the world to be owned by the club members themselves. Together these members form the governing body of the club and in 2016 there were an estimated 140,000 socis or members in Catalan.

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How much is man u worth?

How much is Manchester United worth? In April 2021, Manchester United were valued at £3.05 billion by Forbes – the fourth most valuable club in the world behind Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Who is the richest club in England?

2018 rankings

Rank Team Country
1 Manchester United England
2 Real Madrid Spain
3 Barcelona Spain
4 Bayern Munich Germany
Across the Sahara