What is the most dangerous city in Morocco?

Casablanca: Casablanca is Morocco’s economic capital, but it has a dangerous side. Statistically, Casablanca is the most dangerous city in Morocco. Much of this stems from the big-city negative influences of drugs and organized crime.

What is the most dangerous place in Morocco?

According to an international team of scientists, the most dangerous place in the history of the planet was a place known as the Kem Kem Group in south-eastern Morocco. Over 100 million years ago, this area was full of ferocious predators, including flying reptiles and crocodile-like hunters.

What should I avoid in Morocco?

11 Things That Tourists Should Never Do in Morocco, Ever

  • Disrespect Islam. …
  • Disrespect the Monarchy. …
  • Use Your Left Hand to Eat With. …
  • Walk Around in Beachwear (Away From the Beach) …
  • Expect Everyone to Speak English. …
  • Limit Your Stay to Marrakech. …
  • Expect Casablanca to Be Like the Movie. …
  • Think fez hats come from the city of Fez.
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What is the most common crime in Morocco?

Crime rates in Morocco

Level of crime 51.07 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs 55.76 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 51.65 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 47.65 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery 72.46 High

What is the best city to live in Morocco?

Best Cities in Morocco For Expats

  • Casablanca. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco with a population of more than five million. …
  • Fes. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you see Fes for the first time. …
  • Marrakesh. …
  • Rabat. …
  • Tangier.


Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Alcohol. Yes, you can drink alcohol in Morocco without offending local sensibilities, as long as you do it discreetly.

Is it safe to visit Morocco in 2020?

In truth, Morocco is a safe place to visit. There’s only really small crime there (scams and pickpockets) and you’re unlikely to be assaulted or seriously hurt as a tourist in the country. Morocco is super safe for tourists now.

What is considered rude in Morocco?

In Morocco, the left hand is reserved for bathroom hygiene and dirty chores. So it is considered incredibly rude to eat, shake hands, give a gift, or leave a tip with your left hand.

Is it safe to eat fruit in Morocco?

Food in Morocco is delicious and amongst the best cuisine in the world. However, you should only eat fruit or vegetables that have been peeled, washed or thoroughly cooked prior to eating. … Hot food cooked quickly is usually safe to eat, where it’s busy with locals eating is often a good choice.

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What makes Morocco illegal?

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Morocco. Be sensitive to local laws and customs and avoid public displays of affection. … Possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs is a serious offence and can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a heavy fine.

Is Morocco safer than America?

Rabat- The data, which assesses crime rates, terrorism threats, risk of natural disasters, and health issues in 20 countries, revealed Morocco as a destination with less crime and terrorism compared to some European countries, and the US. Morocco is considered safer than Jordan, France, and Italy.

Is Casablanca dangerous?

It is generally known that Casablanca is considered, overall, a safe city. It is relatively low in crime, even though it is filled with petty crime and you must remain vigilant at all times. … A real danger for anyone in Casablanca is the driving conditions.

How many murders in Morocco per year?

The rate of homicide in Morocco stood at 1.42 cases per 100 thousand individuals as of 2018. Compared to 2017, when the highest rate (2.14 cases) was reached, it decreased by 33.82 percent. Over the period observed, incidences of homicide in the country was lowest in 2014, with 1.04 counts per 100 thousand individuals.

How can I get Moroccan nationality?

Moroccan nationality is acquired:

  1. By descent (Article 6 of the Code of Nationality): If the child is born of a Moroccan father or a Moroccan mother.
  2. By place of birth (Article 7): If the child is born in Morocco.

Is Morocco good place to live?

Morocco is rising quickly as a top tourist destination worldwide and an even better place to live abroad in. Its political stability and safety set it apart from many of its neighbours, and yet it still offers a more-than-reasonable cost of living.

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How much money do you need to retire in Morocco?

If you want to live like a member of a royal family in Morocco, you will need about 1000$ a month. However, if you’re more of a modest tourist, traveling backpacker-style, you could make do with 700$ a month.

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