What is the most common Nigerian surname?

Rank Surname Frequency
1 Ibrahim 1:54
2 Musa 1:58
3 Abubakar 1:63
4 Abdullahi 1:69

What is the most common Nigerian name?

Most Popular First Names In Nigeria

Rank Gender Forename
1 100% Musa
2 100% Ibrahim
3 100% Abubakar
4 100% Sani

What is the most common African last name?

Most Popular African Last Names Or Surnames:

  1. Abara: Originating from the Igbo group of West Africa, Abara means ‘spirit’.
  2. Abebe: The genesis of this Ethiopian name is Amharic, and it means ‘flower’ or ‘blossom’.
  3. Abimbola: …
  4. Abiodun: …
  5. Abioye: …
  6. Acheampong: …
  7. Achebe: …
  8. Adebayo:


Do Yoruba have surnames?


There are three categories of Yorùbá surnames. The first category comprises surnames that are sentences and the sentences are combinations of noun phrases (NPs henceforth) and verb phrases (VPs henceforth). An example of a Yorùbá sentential surname is shown in Figure 1.

What are common African surnames?

25 Popular African Last Names Rich In Culture And History

  • Adébáyọ̀ Origin: Nigerian (Yoruba) Meaning: ‘He came in a joyful time’ or ‘the king/crown/royalty meets joy. …
  • Abebe. Origin: Ethiopian. Meaning: ‘Flower’ or ‘blossom. …
  • Ababio. Origin: Ghanaian. …
  • Kanumba. Origin: Tanzanian. …
  • Keita. Origin: Malian. …
  • Kimathi. Origin: Kenyan. …
  • Bankole. Origin: West African (Yoruba) …
  • Gbeho. Origin: Ghanaian.
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What is a good Nigerian name?

Common Nigerian names – English

  • Blessing. Mercy. Favour. Joy. …
  • Precious. Peace. Marvelous. Gift. …
  • Divine. Victor. Victoria. Victory. …
  • Blossom. Hope. Alice. Jenny. …
  • Sandra. Happiness. Paul. Paulina. …
  • Queen. Princess. King. Prince. …
  • Faith. Joyce. Patience. Gloria. …
  • Common Nigerian names from the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. Michael. Emmanuel.


What was the first name given to Nigeria?

The former name for Nigeria was the Royal Niger Company Territories. It does not sound like a country name at all! The name Nigeria was replaced and preserved up until today. Still, it was not a name for a nation, but merely a name of the territory.

What is the whitest last name?

name rank White percent
name SMITH rank 1 White percent 70.90%
name JOHNSON rank 2 White percent 58.97%
name WILLIAMS rank 3 White percent 45.75%
name BROWN rank 4 White percent 57.95%

What is Africa real name?

Alkebu-lan “mother of mankind” or “garden of eden” This is the real and true Africa feeling. Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin. It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Haddans (Carthagenians), and Ethiopians.

The most popular last name in the world is Wang, meaning “king.” About 92.8 million people in mainland China have the royal last name of Wang.

What are some Arabic last names?

Pages in category “Arabic-language surnames”

  • Aamer.
  • Al-Abadi.
  • Abargil.
  • Abaza (surname)
  • Abbar.
  • Abbas (name)
  • Abboud.
  • Abd Manaf (name)

What are some Japanese last names?

Japan’s top 100 most common family names

  • Sato.
  • Suzuki.
  • Takahashi.
  • Tanaka.
  • Watanabe.
  • Ito.
  • Yamamoto.
  • Nakamura.
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Is Sesay a common last name?

Sesay is a common surname among the Mandingo, Temne, Loko, Limba and Kuranko people of Sierra Leone, and may refer to: Alimamy Sesay (1987–), Sierra Leonean football player.

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