What is the main purpose of special education in Nigeria?

The development of special education in Nigeria, like regular education, was by and large the pioneering work of missionaries. Their principal aim was to train those with disabilities, particularly the blind, to read the Bible and learn skills which would make them self reliant.

What is the purpose of special education?

The purpose of special education is to provide equal access to education for children ages birth through 21 by providing specialized services that will lead to school success in the general curriculum.

What are the aims and objectives of special education in Nigeria?

To help students make satisfactory social and emotional adjustments to problems imposed. by their disabilities, To help students gain securities through improved function and increased ability to meet the physical demands of daily living.

What are the importance of special education in Nigeria?

Some identifiable roles of special education in Nigeria include: Develop the child into a sound, effective and productive citizen. Equal access to education as well as other services and opportunities in the country.

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What is the concept of special education?

Special education may be best described as a purposeful intervention designed to overcome or eliminate the obstacles that keep children with disabilities from learning. In other words, it is about providing children with disabilities with individualized plans of instruction to help them succeed.

What are the components of special needs education?

A comprehensive inclusive program for children with special needs has the following components:

  • Child Find. …
  • Assessment. …
  • Program Options. …
  • Curriculum Modifications. …
  • Parental Involvement.


What are the four goals of special education?

The framework regards academic goals as the means for achieving other outcomes, namely the four outcomes that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) declared: equality of opportunity, full par- ticipation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency.

What is the need and importance of special education?

It allows the students to enjoy the education and gain confidence due to individual learning. For the personal growth and development of the special children, it is important for all of them to receive proper education. The disability cases could include emotional, mental, physical or developmental.

What are the goals and objectives of special education?

The specific objectives of special education shall be the development and maximization of learning competencies, as well as the inculcation of values to make the learners with special needs a useful and effective member of society.

Why is it difficult for Nigeria to practice inclusive education?

The finding showed that the economic factors that may hinder effective implementation of inclusive education for children with visual impediment are: inadequate funding of inclusive schools; inadequate number of personnel, inadequate training for personnel; and inadequate funding to purchase the necessary technological …

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What are the different types of special education?

There are six main types of special education within most public-school settings.

  • What is Special Education? …
  • Push-in Services. …
  • Pull-out Services. …
  • Inclusive Classrooms. …
  • Exclusive Education. …
  • Specialty Schools. …
  • Residential Programs.


Why do we need inclusive education?

An inclusive school is a perfect training ground for real life, because daily social, physical and academic interaction between kids who are typically developing and their special needs peers means students develop: … Greater sensitivity.

Who needs special education?

Different countries have different definitions of, and terms for, special educational needs. Broadly, the term refers to learners who experience learning difficulties that make it harder for them to learn than most children and young people of the same age.

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