What is the literacy rate in Zambia?

Zambia’s literacy rate stands at 55.3 percent, with illiteracy much more pronounced in females than males.

What is the literacy rate in 2020?

India Literacy Rate: State Wise Report

State Overall Literacy Rate (Urban + Rural) (Male & Female)
Jharkhand 74.3
Karnataka 77.2
Kerala 96.2
Madhya Pradesh 73.7

What are the literacy levels in Zambia?

Literacy Rate

Literacy rate (%)
15-24 years 92.1 (2018)
15 years and older 86.7 (2018)
65 years and older 60.2 (2018)

What is the literacy rate in 2019?

The overall literacy rate in Rural India is 64.7 per cent. In rural India, the literacy rate among females is 56.8 per cent and among males is 72.3 per cent. 3. The overall literacy rate in Urban India is 79.5 per cent.

What is the literacy rate in Zimbabwe 2020?

According to UNESCO Zimbabwe it has an adult literacy rate of 88.69%. While the male literacy rate is 89.19%, for females is 88.28%. Compared to the rest of countries is number 88º in the ranking of literacy rate.

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Which country has the lowest literacy rate 2020?

International Literacy Day 2020: The literacy rate of India is 77.7% while Kerala has emerged as the most literate state in the country, followed by Delhi while Andhra Pradesh has recorded the lowest literacy rate.

Which country has the highest literacy rate 2020?

Top 10 Countries With Highest Literacy Rate

  • South Korea. …
  • United State of America. …
  • Canada. …
  • Australia. …
  • United Kingdom. …
  • New Zealand. New Zealand has a literacy rate of 99.00% with a population of 4.78 million. …
  • Japan. Japan has a literacy rate of 99.00% with a population of 126,860,301. …
  • Israel. Israel has a literacy rate of 91.75% with a population of 8,519,377.


Why are literacy levels low in Zambia?

These studies have revealed that causes of low literacy levels include poor infrastructure, insufficient reading materials; inadequate teaching and learning materials as well as mismatches between LOI and language of play.

What is the average literacy rate?

The global literacy rate for all people aged 15 and above is 86.3%. The global literacy rate for all males is 90.0%, and the rate for all females is 82.7%.

What is the literacy rate in Botswana?

Literacy Rate

Literacy rate (%)
15-24 years 97.5 95.8
15 years and older 86.8 86.1

What country has a 100 literacy rate?

1. North Korea. Isolated from the world, North Korea has topped the list for the highest literacy rate of 100%.

What country has the worst literacy rate?

Countries With The Lowest Literacy Rates In The World

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Rank Country Literacy Rate (%)
1 South Sudan 27.0 %
2 Afghanistan 28.1 %
3 Burkina Faso 28.7 %
4 Niger 28.7 %

What country is number 1 in literacy?

Highest Literacy Rates

1. Andorra 100%
4. Vatican (Holy See) 100
5. Liechtenstein 100
6. Luxembourg 100
7. Norway 100

How many students are in Zimbabwe?

The education system in Zimbabwe encompasses 13 years of primary and secondary school and runs from January to December.

Education in Zimbabwe.

Educational oversight
Enrollment (2015)
Total 3,120,000
Primary 93.9%
Secondary 47.2%
Across the Sahara