What is the leading cause of pollution in the Niger River delta?

Air pollution has been identified as one of the most critical environmental problems confronting the Niger delta Area. Traffic, industry and gas flaring are the major air pollution sources in the region.

What is the main causes of water pollution on the Niger River?

The Delta is home to much of Nigeria’s oil industry—about 2 million barrels of oil are extracted from the area each day—and it has become the site of major pollution from hydrocarbons. … The spills contaminate the water, air and land with carcinogens like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

What is polluting the Niger River?

For more than a year, oil leaked out of the pipeline into nearby swampland and rivers, contaminating the water people drink and wash with. These delays point to serious negligence.

What is the cause of Niger Delta crisis?

The current conflict in the Niger Delta first arose in the early 1990s over tensions between foreign oil corporations and a number of the Niger Delta’s minority ethnic groups who feel they are being exploited, particularly the Ogoni and the Ijaw.

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What is the major cause of crude oil spills in Niger Delta region in Nigeria?

Oil spills is a common event in Nigeria. Half of all spills occur due to pipeline and tanker accidents (50%), other causes include sabotage (28%) and oil production operations (21%), with 1% of the spills being accounted for by inadequate or non-functional production equipment.

What is the meaning of Niger Delta?

The Niger Delta is the delta of the Niger River sitting directly on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria. … The Niger Delta is a very densely populated region sometimes called the Oil Rivers because it was once a major producer of palm oil.

What are some of the negative impacts of oil on the Niger Delta?

Oil spills and gas flaring have contaminated, de- graded and destroyed the mangrove forests and water bodies of the Niger Delta, thereby causing serious destruction of its biodiversity over the years.

Is Niger Delta part of Biafra?

The 2016 Niger Delta conflict is an ongoing conflict around the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in a bid for the secession of the region, which was a part of the breakaway state of Biafra.

How much oil was spill in Bodo?

In 2008 two massive oil spills from a Shell oil pipeline spilled at least 560,000 barrels of oil into the Community’s land. The oil spills ruined the lives of the Bodo people by destroying around 1000 hectares of mangroves and all of the marine life which the Bodo community relied on to survive.

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What are the causes of oil spillage?

Oil spills into rivers, bays, and the ocean most often are caused by accidents involving tankers, barges, pipelines, refineries, drilling rigs, and storage facilities. Spills can be caused by: people making mistakes or being careless. equipment breaking down.

How was Niger delta formed?

The Niger Delta Basin was formed by a failed rift junction during the separation of the South American plate and the African plate, as the South Atlantic began to open. … Also at this time syn-rift sands and then shales were deposited in the late Cretaceous. This indicates that the shoreline regressed during this time.

Who is the leader of Niger Delta militant?

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta
Leaders Henry Okah Asari-Dokubo Tompolo Ebikabowei Victor-Ben † John Togo Godswill Tamuno Ateke Tom Soboma George † Brutus Ebipadei Solomon Ndigbara Tubotamuno Angolia †
Dates of operation 2004-present (Ceasefire declared on May 30, 2014)
Headquarters Port Harcourt

What are the causes of violence in Nigeria?

Literatures on causes of violence in Nigeria identify many factors among them are selfishness, greed, injustice, do-or- die politics, love of money, wealth, accumulation of wealth, revolt, repression, immorality and ignorance. One or more of these factors bring about every violent event that has taken place in Nigeria.

What diseases does oil cause?

Some of the most common are emphysema, heart problems, depression, DNA alterations, neurological impairment, post-traumatic stress disorders, stomach illnesses, genotoxicity and endocrine toxicity.

What are the environmental challenges of the Niger Delta region?

Air pollution has been identified as one of the most critical environmental problems confronting the Niger delta Area. Traffic, industry and gas flaring are the major air pollution sources in the region.

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How can we prevent oil spills?

Small Spills Prevention Checklist

  1. Tighten bolts on your engine to prevent oil leaks. …
  2. Replace cracked or worn hydraulic lines and fittings before they fail. …
  3. Outfit your engine with an oil tray or drip pan. …
  4. Create your own bilge sock out of oil absorbent pads to prevent oily water discharge.
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