What is the Igbo name of plum?

What is black plum called in Igbo?

Vitex doniana sweet or Black plum or Dinya (Hausa) or Oori nla (Yoruba) or Ucha koro (Igbo): A very useful plant under threat of extinction Vitex…

What is the Igbo name for pineapple?

The fruit Pineapple is called as Ọkwụrụ bekee in Igbo . The fruit Plum is called as plọm in Igbo .

What is plum fruit called in Yoruba?

Plum is a drupe, which means that its fleshy fruit surrounds a single hard seed. In Nigeria, Plum is also widely consumed. Many people in Nigeria refer to these fruits as Nigerian plum or hog plum. However, in the local Nigerian tribes, it is called Iyeye or Ebo in Yoruba, Ngulungu in Igbo and Isada in Hausa.

What is makok fruit?

Makok is a tropical fruit, a member of the cashew family. They grow all over tropical Asia; Thailand is famous for them, and the city of Bangkok is derived from the tree’s name. They’re eaten in the Caribbean where they go by several names, including hog plum.

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What is Black Seed called in Nigeria?

In Yoruba language, black seed is called asofeyeje, even though this might not be the most accurate name. The Igbo name for black seed has not been confirmed.

What is the Igbo name for banana?

Names of fruits in Igbo Language: Banana – Unere Mushroom – Ero Water melon – Anyụ mmiri Groundnut – Ahụekere Pineapple – Nkwụaba Coconut – Aki oyibo Apple – Achicha Paw paw – Mbukpa Tomato – Otuboala African star apple – Udara Plantain – Ojoko Velvet tamarind – Ịcheku …

What is jackfruit called in Nigeria?

Treculia africana is a species of tree known in English as African breadfruit (Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, USA), breadfruit (Nigeria), wild jackfruit (Tanzania, Uganda), and African boxwood (Malawi). Many names are given to this species in the Igbo language in southern Nigeria, but the most common is ukwa.

What is the Igbo name for tomatoes?

tomato – Igbo English Dictionary | Igbo kasahorow. Sonye Anyị

What is Udara called in English?

Local Name: Agbalumo (Yoruba language) or Udara (Igbo language) ENGLISH: African Star Apple Botanical Name: Chrysophyllum albidum.

What is black plum in Yoruba?

Ad. Vitex doniana sweet or Black plum or Dinya (Hausa) or Oori nla (Yoruba) or Ucha koro (Igbo): A very useful plant under threat of extinction.

What is jackfruit in Igbo?

Jackfruit – Ukwa oyibo.

What is prunes called in Yoruba?

English to Yoruba Meaning :: prune

Prune : piruni.

How do you eat Amra fruit?

Versatile Amra

Raw amra makes a refreshing juice; cook it with yellow mustard, salt, turmeric and chilli powder to make a spicy pickle; add it to both red or yellow-split pea lentils for a tangy, soupy wholesome dish, or make a sweet and sour amra chutney, a delicious accompaniment sure to lift any meal.

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What does Jobo fruit taste like?

Taste is sour and slightly bitter. The edible fruit of S. mombin as sold on streets in Santo Domingo, Domincican Republic. The fruit is called Jobo here.

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