What is the direction of Kenya from Uganda?

Kenya is located nearly East side to Uganda. The bearing degree from Uganda To Kenya is 103 ° degree. The given East direction from Uganda is only approximate. The given google map shows the direction in which the blue color line indicates road connectivity to Kenya .

What is the compass direction of Uganda from Kenya?

Where is Uganda? In case Uganda is looking on the map under the Coordinates 0 19 N 32 33 E otherwise in Africa, in East-Central Africa, west of Kenya, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. What is the capital city of Uganda? The capital city of Uganda is Kampala.

Is Kenya east of Uganda?

Map of East Africa Uganda is bordered by Kenya from the East, Tanzania from the south and Rwanda from the south west, Democratic Republic of Congo from the west and South Sudan from the north; it has a population of about 34 million people (UBOS, 2014 census), its capital city is Kampala located in the central region.

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How many hours is it from Kenya to Uganda?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Kenya and Uganda is 644 km= 400 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Kenya to Uganda, It takes 0.71 hours to arrive.

Can I travel from Uganda to Kenya now?

Domestic travel is restricted within Kenya due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Are there restrictions on leaving Uganda? Some lockdown measures have been lifted in Uganda, starting May 4. … Currently, we are unable to provide international travel restriction information for Kenya relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Which country is close to Uganda?

It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania.

What type of climate does Uganda have?

Uganda enjoys tropical weather, which is perfect all year round, with temperatures between 16-28°C for most of the year. Being crossed by the Equator, its climate is mitigated by an altitude of 900 to 1800m.

Is Kenya better than Uganda?

Kenya is a better destination than Uganda when it comes to quality Big Five sightings and plains wildlife in general. Its game reserves tend to be far larger than their counterparts in Uganda, and to offer a more varied selection of lodges and tented camps.

What Kenya is famous for?

Kenya, country in East Africa famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves. Its Indian Ocean coast provided historically important ports by which goods from Arabian and Asian traders have entered the continent for many centuries.

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Is Kenya an Arab country?

Kenya, officially the Republic of Kenya (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Kenya), is a country in Eastern Africa. At 580,367 square kilometres (224,081 sq mi), Kenya is the world’s 48th largest country by total area.


Republic of Kenya Jamhuri ya Kenya (Swahili)
ISO 3166 code KE
Internet TLD .ke

Do I need a passport to go to Uganda from Kenya?

Documentation Needed at Kenyan-Uganda Ports of Entry

Individuals crossing the Kenyan-Uganda border will need certain documents to do so, including the following: Passport (or national ID for East Africans) Visa (if applicable) Yellow fever vaccination certificate.

How much does it cost from Kenya to Uganda?

The best way to get from Kenya to Uganda is to fly which takes 1h 48m and costs $170 – $250. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $14 – $40 and takes 12h 6m.

How long is a car ride from Kenya to Uganda?

How long is the drive from Nairobi, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda? The total driving time is 12 hours, 15 minutes.

How much is a plane ticket from Uganda to Kenya?

Flights to Cities in Kenya

Flights Lowest Price
Entebbe to Nairobi $235
Entebbe to Mombasa $988553
Entebbe to Malindi $4829570
Entebbe to Kisumu $354

How long is a flight from Kenya to Uganda?

The total flight duration from Kenya to Uganda is 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Can I travel to Uganda without a passport?

To enter Uganda, a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.

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