What is Parsley called in Ghana?

Spice Twi name
Scotch bonnet pepper Kpakposhito
Alligator pepper/guinea pepper Efom wisa
Mint leaves Nunum

Is there parsley in Ghana?

To begin with, Parsley is a biennial plant that is widely grown in the Mediterranean, Europe, and America although it is also grown in other parts of the world including Ghana – in equatorial, tropical and sub-tropical areas.

What is basil in Twi?

Basil is known as Akuko Besa in Twi. The herb is an antidepressant that is also used for stress reduction, depression, and anxiety. It helps to maintain good health and general well-being of a person.

What is the English name for Esoro Wisa?

Esoro Wisa also known as Piper guineense, Guinea cubeb, Ashanti pepper, Guinea pepper, kukauabe, or Benin pepper is a spice native to West Africa. #Esoro #wisa has an aromatic and pungent smell, tasting like a cross between allspice and black pepper.

What is spinach called in Ghana?

Common name Scientific name Local name (Ghanaian)
African spinach, Amanranthus Amaranthuscruentus L. Twi/Akan: Srahansoe, Nantwibin, Nantwinkasee, Asantewa, Asibe Ga: Awsaumei, Dan, Anago mio Krobo/Ga Adangbe: Aleefu Ewe: Matonui, Moxeti, Senutsoe, Fotete, Awusagbe ***Kasem: Aleefu
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What is the local name for parsley?

Petroselinum crispum (parsley)

What is the English name for Kontomire?

Kontomire. These leaves are actually called taro leaves in English and it is usually used for stew and soups in Ghana and also have amazing health benefits.

What is turmeric called in Twi?

Local Names of Spices in Ghana

Spice Twi name
Cloves Dadoa amba or Pepre

What is turmeric in Twi?

TURMERIC (curcuma longa) Akan name for turmeric is (NkabE ase or Ateagyaa ase)

What is the Twi name for mistletoe?

Emmanex Herbs – MISTLETOE (NKRANPAN in Twi) Part Use:… | Facebook.

What is the English name for Tapoli in Ghana?

The English name is Chromolaena Odorata. “Ata” or “Tapoli” is the grinder that supports the asanka and it is made from wood.

What’s the local name for spinach?

Spinacia oleracea: Common spinach.

What is spinach locally?

Genus: Spinacia
Species: S. oleracea
Binomial name
Spinacia oleracea L.
Across the Sahara