What is Obi in Yoruba?

What does Obi mean in Yoruba?

The meaning of the name “Obi” is: “Heart, Kola nut”. Categories: Nigerian Names, Yoruba Names.

What is Obi in IFA?

Obi divination is a system of divination used in the traditional Yoruba religion and in Yoruba-derived Afro-American religions. In Yorubaland, it uses palm or kola nuts; in Latin America and the Caribbean it uses four pieces of coconut.

Does IFA eat pork?

“Ifa is a Nigerian religion,” said Haslam. … “I’ve had to change my ways a lot since I became Ifa,” Scott said. “I can’t eat pork, and I have to pray every night and every morning.” Ifa has many gods called Orishas.

What is Obi Abata?

OBI ABATA, the type used in DIVINATION is made up of FOUR LOBES that are split open and used as both an ORACLE and as OFFERINGS to the ANCESTORS and ORISA. The FOUR LOBE KOLA NUT is sacred and used for divining purposes. … IT is the OBI ABATA that is a stable ingredient in most sacred IFA/ORISA rituals and celebrations.

What does Obi mean in Nigerian?

Obi as a boy’s name is of Nigerian origin, and the meaning of Obi is “heart”.

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What is Obi called in English?

nounWord forms: plural obis or obi. 1. a broad sash tied in a large flat bow at the back, worn by Japanese women and children as part of the national costume. 2. a narrow sash worn by Japanese men.

How do you read a cowrie shell?

When you throw the shells (gently) onto a cloth, the number of shells that land with the mouth-side up indicate the number for the throw. For example, if there are four shells with their mouths up and five with their mouths down, the number for that cast is four. You will cast the shells three times per reading.

What is the kola nut used for?

In certain African countries, the kola nut is chewed during ceremonies and rituals. It is also used to sweeten breath. Another application of the kola nut in the western world is as a flavoring agent for sodas. The kola nut is also used as an additive in energy drinks and performance enhancers.

How do you use Obi for divination?

Casting The Obi Abata: The Obi for divination or asking questions should first be put into water, and the person to cast her must take a sip of the water in which the Obi is in three times before he/she picks out the Obi from inside the water.

Is IFA a voodoo?

Ifa is one of an interrelated network of religions with African roots, including Vodou, Santeria and Sango Baptism, that appear to be gaining popularity in the United States, including in Maryland, as some African-Americans seek a spiritual experience firmly grounded in their own cultural heritage.

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Is IFA a God?

Ifa (Orunmila), god of divination, fate, and wisdom, informs mortals of the wishes of Olorun, the sky god, the god of destiny; he was appointed by the supreme god to protect and rule the people. … Ifa has an attendant, Odu, and a messenger, Opele. Ifa, the oracle of divination, is named after the deity who controls it.

How do you become IFA?

In order to become an IFA, you first need to complete a Level 4 Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA). This qualification is made up of two units, with the first being based on financial services regulation ethics and the second focusing on advanced financial advice.

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