What is Gorilla in Yoruba?

What is gorilla called in Yoruba?


English Yorùbá
Gorilla Ìnọkí
Rhinoceros Ẹfọn
Stallion Ìgalà

What is ape in Yoruba?

ape. More Yoruba words for ape. inaki noun. baboon, chimpanzee, gorilla.

Which animal is akere?

Rare White Tiger, Akere, Cincinati Zoo’s Favorite Animal, Dies After Long Bout With Cancer, Arthritis and Kidney Failure. Akere, the Cincinnati Zoo’s rare white tiger, was euthanized on Wednesday, after being recently diagnosed with untreatable cancer.

What is Okete English?

Okete = Pouch Rat. Edu = Wild Goat. Akurakuda = Shark. Ekolo = Earthworm. Ẹyẹ-Orin = Songbird.

What is the Yoruba name for parrot?


English Yorùbá……………………………
Parrot Ode, Ayekooto
Pied Kingfisher
Pigeon Ẹyẹle
Scarlet-breast Sunbird Ẹiyẹ Arọni

What is ogidan in Yoruba?

This proverb affirms that Yorùbá people are most conversant with the leopard — the animal in their immediate environment and therefore, ogidan also means leopard, not a tiger or cheetah. … Both have similar skins, compared with the tiger.

Which animal is Ikoko in English?

Hyena/Wolf -Ikoko.

What is Yoruba cricket?

ere Kiriketi. More Yoruba words for cricket. a -ntete noun. cricket.

What is chameleon in Yoruba?

Chameleon is called “Ọ̀gà” in Yorùbá

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